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[pagelist], [subpages], [siblings] and [pagelist_ext] shortcodes
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Advanced iFrame Pro Page-list all Page-list params Donate GitHub shortcodes: [pagelist] – hierarchical tree of all pages on site (useful to show sitemap of the site); [subpages] – hierarchical tree of subpages to the current page; [siblings] – hierarchical tree of sibling pages to the current page; [pagelist_ext] – list of pages with featured image and with excerpt; examples with aditional parameters: [pagelist child_of="4" depth="2" exclude="6,7,8"] [pagelist_ext child_of="4" exclude="6,7,8" image_width="50" image_height="50"] all Page-list params Parameters for [pagelist], [subpages] and [siblings]: [pagelist] – list of all pages as the hierarchical list; [subpages] – list of subpages to the current page as the hierarchical list; Same as: [pagelist child_of="current"]; [siblings] – list of sibling pages to the current page as the hierarchical list; Same as: [pagelist child_of="parent"]; depth – how many levels in the hierarchy of pages are to be included in the list: [pagelist depth="3"]; by default depth is unlimited (depth=”0″); Displays pages at any depth and arranges them in a flat list: [pagelist depth="-1"]; child_of – displays the sub-pages of a single Page by ID: [pagelist child_of="4"]; exclude – define a comma-separated list of Page IDs to be excluded from the list: [pagelist exclude="6,7,8"]; You may exclude current page: [pagelist exclude="current"]; exclude_tree – define a comma-separated list of parent Page IDs and all its subpages to be excluded: [pagelist exclude_tree="7,10"]; include – include a comma-separated list of Page IDs into the list: [pagelist include="6,7,8"]; title_li – set the text and style of the Page list’s heading: [pagelist title_li="<h2>List of pages</h2>"]; by default there is no title (title_li=””); authors – only include pages authored by the authors in this comma-separated list of author IDs: [pagelist authors="2,5"]; by default all authors are included (authors=””); number – sets the number of pages to display: [pagelist number="10"]; by default the number is unlimited (number=””); offset – the number of pages to pass over (or displace) before collecting the set of pages: [pagelist offset="5"]; by default there is no offset (offset=””); post_type – list associated with a certain hierarchical Post Type [pagelist post_type="page"]; by default: (post_type=”page”); possible values: page, revision, Hierarchical Custom Post Types (‘post’ is not a Hierarchical Post Type); post_status – a comma-separated list of all post status types: [pagelist post_status="private"]; by default: (post_status=”publish”); possible values: publish, private, draft; meta_key and meta_value – only include the pages that have this Custom Field Key and this Custom Field Value: [pagelist meta_key="metakey" meta_value="metaval"]; show_date – display creation or last modified date next to each Page: [pagelist show_date="created"]; possible values: created, modified, updated; date_format – the format of the Page date set by the show_date parameter: [pagelist date_format="l, F j, Y"]; by default use the date format configured in your WordPress options; sort_column – sort the list of pages by column: [pagelist sort_column="menu_order"]; by default: (sort_column=”menu_order, post_title”); possible values: post_title, menu_order, post_date (sort by creation time), post_modified, ID, post_author, post_name (sort by page slug); sort_order – the sort order of the list of pages (either ascending or descending): [pagelist sort_order="desc"]; by default: (sort_order=”asc”); possible values: asc, desc; link_before – sets the text or html that precedes the link text inside link tag: [pagelist link_before="<span>"]; you may specify html tags only in the HTML tab in your Rich-text editor; link_after – sets the text or html that follows the link text inside link tag: [pagelist link_after="</span>"]; you may specify html tags only in the HTML tab in your Rich-text editor; class – the CSS class for list of pages: [pagelist class="listclass"]; by default the class is empty (class=””); columns – for splitting list of pages into columns: [pagelist class="page-list-cols-2"]; available classes: page-list-cols-2, page-list-cols-3, page-list-cols-4, page-list-cols-5; works in all modern browsers and IE10+; columns are responsive and become 1 column at less than 768px; More info about params for [pagelist], [subpages], [siblings].

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Works as it was intended!

By michael7574 on December 16, 2022

Works as it was intended!

Excellent plugin

By ceruleanpiglet on August 3, 2022


Works fine

By Adilson Dal Olmo (adilsondalolmo) on September 13, 2021

Simple to use and works well! Tested in: PHP Version: 7.4 WordPress Version: 5.8.1

Doesn't work

By Tvanda (redalto) on September 11, 2021

I could not get this to work. Who knows, maybe it's not compatible with latest version, or php74, or doesn't work with custom post types.

Love Love Love

By Jon Dennis (jondennis) on April 5, 2021

Love Love Love this plugin - can't live without it. Use it in every site - Essential !

Great plugin that does exactly what I want

By Peter Froud (pfroud) on December 30, 2020

I just use the [subpages] shortcode, but I appreciate that you can add parameters if you want.

Best plugin for page trees and lists

By tomchute on December 15, 2020

I tried a few different plugins. All seemed to be over-loaded and clunky, or just not work. This plugin, with all the parameters of the short code, is excellent and WORKS! Thank you for continued development of this awesome tool.

very helpful

By Daniel (dhoffmann) on November 1, 2020

Thanks for this great plugin. helps me a lot and is a real labour saving device.

Immediate Satisfaction

By zenithnews on September 12, 2020

What more could we macho (including macha) WPers want than Immediate Satisfaction.

One of my essential plugins

By brenthutto on February 19, 2019

Building a page-based WP site (no blogging) I need the ability to add child pages and have their links and excerpts be listed on a parent page. Don't know why WordPress doesn't have that function built in but the Page-List plugin is a simple and reliable way to get the job done. Works great on my WP 5.0.3 (Gutenberg) website.

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