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Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce

The best order export import plugin for WooCommerce. Easily import and export WooCommerce orders and WooCommerce coupons using CSV.
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The Order Export Import Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to seamlessly migrate orders and coupons from one WooCommerce store to another. It also supports importing and exporting orders and coupons using CSV files, and offers additional features such as batch processing, mapping of export columns, and import and export history. The premium version of the plugin includes even more advanced features such as support for third-party plugins, scheduling automatic imports and exports, and excellent customer support.


Seamless Order Migration

Migrate orders effortlessly between WooCommerce stores

Efficient Coupon Management

Export and import large number of coupons with ease


free Bulk Updates - Update WooCommerce orders and coupons in bulk without any hassle

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By Vasco Daniel (vascobaiao) on September 28, 2023

Worked like a charm

Perfect plugin and amazing support!!!

By eavinu on September 27, 2023

After going over several plugins and also paid plugins I found that this plugin was the only one that actually did the work and finally managed to transfer all customers and all orders from the old to the new website.
When there was an error trying to import the customers I reached out to support and within a day they released a new version to fix the bug which was due to new woocommerce version.
Thanks for creating this and for your awesome support!

plugin works like a charm!

By nemanjar on September 25, 2023

I rarely write plugin reviews, this was truly a precedent. in a couple of clicks, I solved the issue of the check, I was struggling with other hours. also, if on the site where you are importing orders nothing happens after you click import, then turn off all other plugins and repeat the process and it will work. it seems that it is in conflict with some other plugin and that sometimes it messes up. I am certainly overjoyed and immensely grateful.

Exactly what I needed

By minivip on August 14, 2023

Very helpful, all I needed was in the free version. Especially the feature with the order-ids was perfect in order to export and handle just the part that had to be updated.


By web387 on August 11, 2023

Works like a charm.

It kind of works

By sandeld on August 7, 2023

The XML import/export doesn't really work. I exported my orders from my live site, and then imported them into my staging site and had over 300 errors. I tried it again using CSV, and it worked perfectly.

I'm not able to import reviews or subscriptions. Reviews only import 50 out of hundreds for some reason, and subscriptions error out before it even gets started.

Simple, quick and efefctive

By ceguito on July 27, 2023

The nicest solution to export/import orders.


By multmediadesigns on July 27, 2023

I have spent 4 days rebuilding and then rebuilding again a WordPress website. When the final phase of importing all the order IDENTICAL, to the original site came..the various plugins that were suppose to import identically, would instead crush the database and usually crash. Tried some 4 different plugins..that were more expensive than this. Failed and customer support was saying...sorry, can;t help.

Did not have to do that with this one...it just operated ...period.
Finally one that works...and works with woocommerce fields plug..with all of it's metadata. Thank you!

Worked very well!

By dagansmith on July 18, 2023

Used during a Staging > Live migration - worked really well, thanks.

Easy to use

By moraima4 on July 6, 2023

I'm using this plugin to import orders from another e-commerce service that is not very user-friendly, so I'm glad this plugin has made things easier for me. It can be quick and easy or more intricate depending on what you need and I like that.

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