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StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats

StatCounter.com powered real-time detailed stats about the visitors to your blog.
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The Official StatCounter WordPress Plugin brings you all the powerful StatCounter features to your wordpress blog.

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All is well

By beckymash on May 6, 2023

Appreciate response from customer service. I should be more patient. I do like the service.

Sadly it's not up to par with the service

By magen1 on April 9, 2023

The service is great but the plugin to use it in Wordpress is TERRIBLE.
Don't know why this huge nonsense, is not loading at all, so is totally useless to have a plugin instead of a simple code to put in the footer. Use just the code instead.

Just give me 1 line off code, not a plugin!

By DutchMan0 (DutchApex) on March 9, 2023

Forced too use a plugin? Why? I am not getting more stats. But you are.
I need 1 line of code, not a entire plugin. Moving over to Google Analytics, bye!

BTW; stop writing fake positive reviews, nobody needs your crappy plugin.

Cannot login or view homepage to login!

By candy4321 on March 7, 2023

I have used Statcounter for over 5 years and all of the sudden I cannot view the homepage nor login. I get a text only front page, then when I hit 'login' it goes to the original site homepage (in html and grapics) but it's only in the background. What is wrong? Is it that I've never paid for an upgrade?

Are they blocking my access on purpose? I have had other people in the UK and the US try to view thier homepage and they see it with no problem so I have no option to believe that they are after 5 yrs or more just blocking me.

Zero, zilch, no support

By (loades) on August 21, 2022

Website has a contact form which acknowledges receipt of message but you never get a response. Regular emails are sent encouraging you to upgrade to Premium with a Reply to address address for queries. An auto-acknowledgement email with ticket number is sent. But the ticket is never responded to. My advice is not to install StatCounter and if you have remove the plugin.


By amystonebik on January 2, 2022

It's just a pain in the ass to go through a lot of step just to get it activated and eventually it won't work out. Besides it's limited to 500 page views or you gotta purchase a premium version. All these fake reviews won't help out because real users try it!!


By Leprechaun999 on December 28, 2020

Have tried all the analytics program without question the best is StatCounter. The volume of displayed information is astonishing;all presented in simple logical sequence so you draw you own conclusions; a little fiddly to instal in Worpress but the support to get it installed was responsive and friendly. No degree needed for this plugin. Can email out detailed daily stats...the best yet. Sorry but WP Stats have fallen by the wayside~useless, and other progs supply little of interest... I have no connection with this company...great stuff for an amateur like me..

not reliable.

By bloup on November 27, 2019

Their server was down 3 times. They have one server only, and my traffic was not counted when the server was down. it is expensive to pay 150 euros for a service that is not reliable.

Great Statcounter

By briannie on October 8, 2019

I've been using Statcounter now for around 13 years which is probably before Wordpress and it's been great. It keeps getting easier to set-up and for Wordpress it couldn't be easier. What I like in particular is that I can see the stats for all the websites I have running all on one page. Statcounter gives all the relevant information and I find it much easier to analyse the figures on Statcounter than I do on GA. On the odd occasion I have a query, they are very quick to respond.

magnificent !

By Hermann Matthias (matthy99) on November 5, 2018

since many years I work with Word Press and building each year several sites, and of course without plugins the WP is very naked, this plugin (STATCOUNTER) belongs to my number one on each site, during all those years I saw it growing up and getting better more and more, it is now absolute perfect, so many features - unbelievable! my advice to all: JUST INSTALL IT - you will find nothing better ! many thanks to the programmers !!!

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