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MailerLite – Signup forms (official)

Add newsletter signup forms to your WordPress site. Subscribers will be saved directly to your MailerLite account. Super easy to set up!
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MailerLite – Signup forms (official) plugin The Official MailerLite signup forms plugin makes it easy to grow your newsletter subscriber list from your WordPress blog or website. The plugin automatically integrates your WordPress form with your MailerLite email marketing account.

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Great plugin

By kaninchenbcn on September 21, 2023

And best support :)

Support gets 5 stars!

By gary2013 on August 8, 2023

After struggling for a while, I reached out to their support through the chat icon at bottom right, and Panagiotis was brilliant. Helpful, patient. And all my queries and worries got sorted out in one session. 5 STARS.

Why is this dependent on jquery?

By ninoa on April 10, 2023

Every modern website tries now to avoid jquery, but this one needs it for form validation. Please use vanilla js. dont want to load jquery just for a signup form validation.

Doesn't Work

By mattoid55 on March 29, 2023

Very buggy; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. Can't depend on this.

MailerLite działa poprawnie przez stronę

By biurokarmin on February 26, 2023

Na obecną chwilę nie ma żadnych problemów z wtyczką. Działa poprawnie i synchronizuje się pomiędzy stroną a danymi w innym miejscu.

Garbage Plugin with BAD user experience

By krisztianseres on February 20, 2023

This plugin is bad. It is impossible to make custom styles for it. The CSS rules are written in a way it is impossible to overwrite them.
There is no option for custom classes, IDs or whatsoever.
For fellow developers I'd recommend trying something else.

Not so good - hard to configure

By Steve (aksteve) on December 23, 2022

I guess this works fine if you already have a mailerlite account and it is YOUR mailerlite account and you jumped through all their hoops to set it up. But if you are trying to set this up for a client - forget it. Mailerlite is so hard to use, my clients can't get "confirmed". They didn't event know they needed to be "confirmed". I never heard of this before. All this verifying and hoop jumping. It is ridiculous. Mailerlite does a horrible job of onboarding new clients.

As for this plugin - it's meh. Overly simplified. So if you can't get past the first step (which we can't) then all is lost. No instructions. No help. Just a notification that says must set up "interest" group. But no instructions on what this is or how to do it.

But, infact, my clients account already has an "interest" group. Yet, this plugin still doesn't work.

I use to recommend Mailerlite to all my clients, but after hearing how confused my clients got during the signup and set up of their mailerlite account, I no longer recommend them. In fact I make a point now to tell client to flat out AVOID mailerlite. I never thought there would be a mailing list worse than mailchimp. Well... now there is.

program with bugs NOT RECOMMENDED

By Mad Ascent on November 21, 2022

They admitted that they had created a plugin with flaws and faults that frequently fails to function. LIKE TURNING AUTOMATIONS OFF AT ROTARY TIMES WITHOUT ANY REASON. They are unwilling to make this plugin work, though, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM since they will just cause you HEADACHES.

Garbage plugin, immediately broke my website, and fixed by deleting it

By Jasonmc777 on November 9, 2022

Garbage plugin, immediately broke my website, and fixed by deleting it Mailerlite, I love your service, but your WP plugins are complete trash Get a better developer

Poorly developed and no support.

By Muhammad Saqib Sarwar (saqibsarwar) on October 21, 2022

I remained unable to use this plugin and related service due to errors on both and no one replies to the support questions. Not recommended at all.

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