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Ocean Extra

Ocean Extra adds extra features and flexibility to the OceanWP theme for a turbocharged experience.
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Ocean Extra adds extra features and flexibility to the OceanWP theme for a turbocharged experience.

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100% useful plugin for OceanWP Theme

By Atul Prajapati (atulkprajapati) on May 19, 2023

Greetings from India,
I am doing website development work for the last 7 years. I have given many of my customers websites with OceanWP theme!

All my customers are completely satisfied with the performance of OceanWP!

I thank the developer of Ocean very much!

Recommend not to use

By matejem on March 9, 2023

Recommend not to use. This is a lot of issue causing theme. Issue with jQuery caused bad written theme code. Do not trust this. Poor support which do not resolve issue, they say it is your mistake and they do not care. Waste of time you do not want.. Theme is really slow and not flexible. Issue with apple devices. Scammers.

I send my website down twice

By andrea666 on December 23, 2022

in the middle year I had a problem and now. I try everyting... I install worpress again and step that I fing in the web and after days...I find the solution and now the same problem... I did the same and It doesn´t work. I desintale the plugin. ¡TERRIBLE!


By merten (merten70) on September 6, 2022

Error ab version 2.0.4 :(

30 of my sites down because of ocean extra plugin

By Robbyw on August 12, 2022

A few days ago all 30 of my sites that use the ocean extra plugin went down. They all said: "There has been a critical error on this website" - had a terrible time explaining to my clients what went wrong... Is there any sign of this plugin being more secure in the future? or should I just scrap it, I love the ocean wp theme and this gives it some extra functionality that I need but this last issue was a huge red flag... not sure what to do now as I am worried about the next big crash...

Crush my site

By wyllspace on August 11, 2022

Crushed my site, so many problems around it. It was even hard to log in and fix everything like never happend to me with any other plugin. That I would be even denied logging in :-(

Downed a 7,000 + page news website

By picturebox1 on August 10, 2022

The update broke my website and was unusable. My hosts recovered the website but they were unable to get Ocean Extra to work after several attempts. It crashed both front and back end. We are closing this website in the next 2 weeks but sadly it is now a mess for our visitors in the meantime. Please check/test your updates more thoroughly before publishing. I suspect it was the shortcode that caused the issue but not sure.

Crashed several of my sites!

By tonip0ika on August 10, 2022

Crashed several of my sites and now it's almost impossible to get some of them back! This is shocking. Please restore the old version to make the websites work.

Crashed my site

By spencerphoto on August 9, 2022

Latest update crashed my site. The only way to get help is to pay $29 for "Premium Support"


By mojohelps on August 9, 2022

Nice plugin but not as sophisticated as one would think ... some updates make sites crash and cause proper inconveniences not being able to login anymore.

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