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oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers

Twitter API 1.1 compliant plugin that provides a function to get an array of tweets from the auth'd users Twitter feed for use in themes.
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A Twitter API 1.1 compliant wordpress plugin that provides an array of a users timeline from Twitter for use by theme developers.

Liam Gladdy (Storm Consultancy)  
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Update Please

By technopost on August 7, 2020

Updated too long time ago..

Exactly what I need

By dez82 on October 4, 2017


So simple and easy to setup

By p10design on September 3, 2016

Super easy to setup!

works for my needs

By Philosopher Rex (ostralopithicus) on September 3, 2016

Version 2.2.1

I found a bug "Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array" It triggers whenever the cache expires.

This may be due to the fact that I am calling StormTwitter.class.php directly and bypassing all the other bits of the plugin, so it may be due to my misuse of the plugin. However I don't know for sure that it's not a legit bug and I'm not going to investigate further.

To reproduce the bug, on a non-live site, set your cache expiry to a few seconds and then refresh the page where your script is called.

I've posted a solution in the support section.



The best way to connect to twitter.

By Jupitercow (jcow) on September 3, 2016

For a developer, this is the best twitter plugin out there. Nice and simple. Very flexible. The correct solution.

Just as expected

By lukmleko on September 3, 2016

It works as a developer would expect and it caches the tweets. Thank you!

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