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Ninja Forms Contact Form – The Drag and Drop Form Builder for WordPress

The 100% beginner friendly WordPress form builder. Drag & drop form fields to build beautiful, professional contact forms in minutes.
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The Most User Friendly WordPress Contact Form Builder Use Ninja Forms to create beautiful, user friendly WordPress forms that will make you feel like a professional web developer!

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Fantastic Customer Support

By core6 on May 23, 2023

The team was very patient with me in helping to resolve my zapier/ninja forms issues. I've very happy with their support and will continue to use Ninja forms in website I develop going forward.

Slow, limited, naggy

By cycas on May 19, 2023

I gave Ninja Forms a fair go after they bought Caldera Forms and shut it down, but it's just nowhere near as good as Caldera. It's painfully slow to load (on the same sites where Caldera was fast), artificially limited in functionality, the nag screen constantly nags over and over to share data every time you try to edit something.

It has that jolly 'for beginners!' design aesthetic where it hides things and you have to play the 'guess where they put the tools you need!' game, which would be one thing if it were deeply technical stuff but 'I want to make a basic text change to the heading' is not that.

I need a tool to make shoving up a quick form quicker, and Ninja forms is very definitely not it. I've given up on Ninja, and am off to see if Formidable Forms is any better.

I regularly pay for functionality I want from Wordpress plugins, but you have to convince me your plugin is going to be reasonably nice to use first. This one did not convince me.

Garbage plug-in

By mattando on April 28, 2023

Generally just an average plugin. Super buggy when it comes to complex logic. Bloatware. Over engineered with poor results. Terrible developer support and documentation. If you’re looking for a simple contact form plugin with poor styling options, then look no further.

What happened to this plugin?

By nickchia on April 12, 2023

I've used this plugin for years on several websites and it was always the best. What happened in recent months? This plugin has become buggy with the latest version of Wordpress. I have had several issues trying to get the Confirmation and Notification emails to work. After much aggravation, I finally got them to work. And after placing a review about this, someone from Ninja forms reached out to help me. That impressed me. I'm glad it's working, but it has become buggy and takes a lot of back-and-forth to get the emails to work.

A really good an complete form plugin

By khaostar on April 4, 2023

Really good plugin. Easy to use, add-ons are great and the support is quick and efficient! I recommend this to anyone who need a form on a WordPress site

Great for contact forms. :-)

By Maikuolan on April 4, 2023

If you're managing multiple WordPress sites, or if you're given multiple sudden, extremely short-notice jobs from people (e.g., less than a few hours from when you're first told about the job to when it needs to be finished) to perform changes to their WordPress sites, among which, includes setting up contact forms at their WordPress websites (so, simply not enough time to put together any kind of super detailed, custom-designed solution for each of those websites, not really even enough time to spend the almost-barely half an hour which may be needed to write up some super basic HTML forms and PHP at the backend to process said forms, have it work properly, actually send messages to the right destination, be secure enough to not be subjected to the most basic of threats, to not be targeted by spammers, to not look ugly as hell, etc, especially if already busy doing other unrelated jobs at the time), you *could* tell the people giving you said jobs, "Sorry, I can't do this, because I'm too busy right now, and there's not enough time", or you *might* be inclined, depending on who said people are, to give them the middle finger.

Another alternative, however, would be to just use Ninja Forms Contact Form to get the job done. Yes, I know, some people might argue, "Why use plugins to handle something as basic as a contact form?" ..I get it. We all get it. Truly, we do. But, when installing Ninja Forms Contact Form at an existing WordPress installation which doesn't yet have it, activating the plugin, configuring the plugin as needed at its settings page, creating a new basic contact form using its interface, and then dumping the shortcode generated for said form into some block at some page at said WordPress installation, in total, takes me less than maybe two or three minutes to do from start to finish (assuming no unexpected complications, e.g., unrelated problematic plugins at the installation in question, files which are corrupted/damaged/outdated/etc at said WordPress installation, etc), multipled by the number of sites being worked on at the time.. that's a big time saver, difficult to argue against, and a great way to avoid messing around too much. Just like how when making a cup of tea, if I've got a kettle handy, even if I was the world's best at building campfires in the backyard to boil water in an old pot, I'd still rather use that kettle to boil some water than mess around doing something which takes longer and is less efficient (especially when said kettle meshes well with the blocks paradigm used by modern WordPress installations, while one's old firepit in the backyard probably doesn't, if one doesn't mind the metaphor).

Clean, intuitive interface with a learning curve of basically zero, fast and easy to use, no nonsense, no complications (at least, none that I discovered), and works. :-)

Issue with PHP update resolved quickly

By PWalberg on April 3, 2023

I had an issue with Ninja Forms that prevented me from updating my sites PHP version. Mind you I was using the FREE version, and when I reached out to Ninja Forms Stuart quickly responded and let me know about an update that was coming that would fix it, even offering a pre-release version to help. Won't be using any other Form plugins from now on. Impressive!

Wouldn't use any other form system

By Minnnnn on March 28, 2023

I've been developing Wordpress-based websites for a variety of clients for about 15 years now and most recently have been using Ninja forms for many of the applications. The simple fact is the versatility of Ninja forms, particularly with a couple of addons, means I've continually turned to it to provide my clients with bespoke form solutions that meet their business needs. It's my first port of call for form management, for such a variety of applications. It's simple to integrate, it's extremely flexible, and the support team really know their stuff and work with you to overcome any tricky things that need problem solving. Thanks Ninja folks, you're great!

A must have in all my projects

By diegolucero on March 13, 2023

This is one of the must versatile and useful plugins, a must have in all my projects. I’ve created lots of different solutions, some even very complex, with Ninja forms and its addons.

Support is great, whether your license is active or not, you can tell they really care about helping you.

Wish the best to the ninja team and can’t wait for all the new functionalities coming up!

After trying many forms plugins...

By luixv on February 18, 2023

I found this one and it is the best.

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