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ACF Photo Gallery Field

A lightweight extension of Advanced Custom Field (ACF) that adds Photo Gallery field to any post/pages on your WordPress website.
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This plugin is an extension of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) that allows you to add a photo gallery field to your WordPress website. You can easily create and customize the fields, assign them to multiple pages, and load the data using a simple API. However, please note that this plugin requires coding knowledge and does not provide prebuilt galleries or shortcodes.

Navneil Naicker  

Visually create Fields

Easily create and customize photo gallery fields for your WordPress posts and pages using a simple visual interface.

Multiple photos with customization

Add multiple photos to your gallery and easily modify the title, caption, and link for each photo.

Fast and easy processing

This lightweight extension uses native WordPress custom post types and metadata for fast and efficient processing of your photo galleries.

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Great solution! It works perfectly! thanks Devs!

By pedrocunhaweb on August 13, 2023

It works perfectly! thanks Devs!

PHP Fatal error

By Zohaib Ali Memon (zohaibalimemonx) on July 27, 2023

It gives Fatal Error!


By pmachart on November 26, 2022

excellent plugin does just what it says it does. check out my quick and dirty shortcode implementation for it on wpcodebin .com/code/443bp5

Works perfectly with Elementor

By joexcm on August 21, 2022

Not sure what other people are doing but this worked perfectly for me going into the Elementor image carousel widget. Thanks to the developer

does not have support for GraphQL

By carlosjunod on July 22, 2022

It seems a very good alternative for the official Gallery-Field from ACF. But after many tries, I couldn't get it to work with the WPGraphQL plugin.


By shivd on July 10, 2022

i am unable to implement the it on my page can u help me the description is not helping

Doesn't work

By cristian5 on January 25, 2021

The images aren't saved after you add some images to that field and update the page. It might be some incompatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

Does what it says

By ExpIorer on January 22, 2021

Adding photos works. Listing photos works. Now I must program a nice gallery from that list.

Bad plugin

By Sergey Savelyev (savel4480) on December 11, 2020

don't work with elementor pro

Not working, no support

By Ruben (rubenvankempen) on December 10, 2020

The ACF-field of ACF Photo Gallery Field is not showing in gallery settings in Elementor Pro gallery-widget. ANd after 3 weeks still no answer on my question. The plugin seems to be dead.

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