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Microsoft Clarity

How do you make your website great? Clarity can help you quickly see what's working on your site and where people get stuck. And it's free.
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Clarity is a free web analytics tool that helps you see what’s working on your site and where people get stuck. With features such as session recordings and heatmaps, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your users interact with your site, and get clear insights on how to improve your design to grow revenue and increase user retention.

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Super integration

By zepolo on March 1, 2023

Contrairement a ce qui est indiqué dans un autre commentaire, le plugin ne se contente pas d'ajouter le code de suivi. Il y a une super intégration des statistiques dans le tableau de bord de wordpress.

Tout se synchronise parfaitement bien à l'administration lorsqu'on a crée un compte au préalable.

Outil gratuit et très pointu, les données obtenues sont très utiles. Bravo

Hotjar equivalente

By Agenda Blanca (agendablanca) on January 2, 2023

Es espectacular. Funciona muy bien, graba las visitas y, en definitiva, es la herramienta necesaria que yo creo que mejora las funciones que presenta hotjar en manera gratuita. Según dicen en Microsoft, tienen estas opciones:

1. Heatmaps
2. Session Recordings
3. Insights
4. Unlimited Users
5. Google Analytics Integration
6. Customer Support

Nice Idea, but Un-needed

By deeveearr on December 17, 2021

Having used Clarity before, I thought I'd try the plugin. Apparently, all you need to do for this one is to create an account for your website, then just drop the account key into this plugin. Sat around for ages waiting for it to show up inside the plugin, then realised that it was actually showing up on the account page on Microsoft Clarity. Not one for using plugins for plugins' sake, I quickly deleted this plugin and dropped the plugin script into perfmatters (WP headers and footers can be used too). Nice idea, but seeing as you still need to logon to your Microsoft Clarity account to see the results, totally un-needed.

Why did I not know abou this sooner??

By osu9400 on September 27, 2021

Fantastic! The heat maps are amazingly insightful.

Amazing Tool!

By manimsft on August 11, 2021

Awesome bit of kit - LOVE IT!

Amzing Tools!

By Jorcus (jorcus) on April 3, 2021

Microsoft clarity is so good! Very lightweight heatmap tracker! Would be good to have option to exclude specific user from tracking. Eg: Exclude Admin

Supper Plugin

By chathurangaantyra on January 29, 2021

Awesome plugin..

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