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Menu Image, Icons made easy

Adds an image or icon in the menu items. You can choose the position of the image (after, before, above, below) or even hide the menu item title.
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Easily add an image or icon in a menu item. Creating a better website menu. Control the position of the image or icon and also it’s size.

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Best plugin so far

By Stefan Pejcic (stefanpejcic) on June 20, 2023

Tried a couple of plugins for adding menu images, so far only this one worked for me.

Also the support is top-notch.

Overall a 5-star plugin!

Doesn't work on mobile menu

By deborahcooley on June 1, 2023

Seems unfinished. Bit surprised to see they it's a paid plugin with a free version. I wouldn't pay.

Beware: You need to save every menu item before being able to add an image. Then a hover appears that you can use to insert an image.
However, hiding the menu item title doesn't work on mobile, so you get both menu item title + image.

I chose another plugin that had far more features, had no paid plans, looks good, and works flawlessly.


By kreatur on August 17, 2022

Good easy to use plugin, developer is very helpful.

interface is a mess

By phalancs on August 4, 2022

Nice idea, but the interface is totally weird and nonstandard. Also, I could not get it to work properly. If you like "go pro nags" - go for it.

You NEED this plugin!!

By primenerd on June 9, 2022

Really great plugin for adding images and icons to your menu's. Very simple to use and many great options as well. One of the best for sure.

Review of Menu Image

By alunabytes on May 21, 2022


Grey screen resolved

By gsepa on May 5, 2022

Make sure you save the menu after creating one. Then you can go back and add your image.

Doesn't Work

By jryanjp on April 27, 2022

Doesn't Work When I click "Add Image/Icon" the entire tab turns grey but nothing appears to let me select an image.

Very functional - Does exactly what it promises!

By Toby Cryns (@themightymo) (themightymo) on February 25, 2022

This plugin delivers exactly as promised! I highly-recommend.

I like it

By OkorieWare (okorieware) on December 19, 2021

A simple and effective plugin

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