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Media Library Assistant

Enhances the Media Library; powerful [mla_gallery] [mla_tag_cloud] [mla_term_list], taxonomy support, IPTC/EXIF/XMP/PDF processing, bulk/quick edit.
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The Media Library Assistant provides several enhancements for managing the Media Library, including:

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By synthezoid on September 18, 2023

Terrible, every single feature I tried to use in this plugin is broken. I can't tell you the details because if I do a moderator will claim this review is a "support request", and delete it—which it most definitely isn't, I don't want support, I want to relate my experience for prospective future users. But unfortunately that's how they choose to run this forum, you can't mention what you disliked about the plugin or they use that as an excuse to delete it. So I can only say I think it's terrible, wasted a lot of my time, and I've removed it.

Powerful and extremely well supported plugin

By rumples2022 on September 4, 2023

MLA is an extraordinarily powerful and rich plugin for media files. The documentation is extensive, and, perhaps most importantly, the developer, David Lingren, responds quickly, thoughtfully, and generously to requests for help or information. The plugin is a model of how software ought to be build; the threads on the support site are an example of what the internet is at its best.

Well made product

By rainmatch on August 15, 2023

Well made plugin, which works for some specific sorting feature. Anyway I can us 3 or 4 tools, but most of the big amount of features are just for programmers. There is a section for Examples, which some advanced user can understand. Most thing is to combine some Shortcodes, but the examples are nothing to see, only a bunch of Code. For example, tried to show a list of PDF files, which is not usable because could not manage to show Title and bigger Thumbnails for users. The User can see a horizontal scrolling area - which makes no sense. But overall for basic needs a stable solution... The extended Doc File also good for programmers, all much to abstract usabiltiy...

Excellent plugin to use photo metadata and great support

By marcomadruga on August 9, 2023

Excellent plugin to use photo metadata and the support is very good and fast.

Works Great - Over the Top Support too!

By Rhapsody348 on June 6, 2023

I was going to create some custom code to handle media tags on multisite installations but discovered this plugin. David really hit one out of the park with the features and flexibility this plugin provides to organize media. My application required some unique multisite features. David was able to take some code I had written and improved on it significantly to provide the desired multisite support to handle tags. He is very responsive to requests and very thorough with his implementation and documentation. You won't find a better plugin to handle the Media Library than this one.

Immediately Powerful. Responsive Developer. Active Forum.

By Steve McNally (steve.mcnally) on March 12, 2023

Enabling Media Library Assistant immediately gives you additional ways to search, view, display and organize what's already in your core Media Library. The plugin's ability to use asset data and metadata is ongoing power and flexibility. It's great framework for ongoing organization for existing and new media assets.

David, the plugin's Developer, is responsive and thoughtful in the support forum.

The plugin works well with core WP features and functions, multisite, wp-cli and other plugins, and it runs lean in multiple environments.

Very powerful solution

By Cristian (mastix) on November 9, 2022

I looked first into this plugin as I needed to match my IPTC data from images to the taxonomies and way of handing of metadata of WP and WOO. I was first scared because it is quite intimidating for someone like me that is not tech-savvy but with the help of the author I could understand quickly how this matching works. Once it is set you can search inside your Media of WP anything you had in your IPTC in Lightroom or other Dam pieces of software. I would say this is crucial for any photographer that wants to find his/her images t quickly and not be limited to title and caption. Just an amazing plugin. Thank you David for creating it and being so supportive to us that are a little illiterate in the WP world .

Extremely versitile

By lastqa on November 3, 2022

This plugin is proving to be extremely powerful and versatile for actually integrating my attachments into my site and not just pinning them on like afterthoughts. There is so much to it that it is a bit overwhelming at first but the documentation is extremely thorough and the support forum here is full of great example code and a plugin author that actually wants to help and improve usefulness to the community and not just try to switch you out for a paid upgrade.

Finaly a usable free plugin for folders in media

By rebelord on August 9, 2022

The others limit the number of folders, subfolders don't allow you to bulk edit or use them in media popup to force you buy a pro version, which makes these lite versions unusable. This works on the bases of categories which is native to wp and seems not to have any strang constraints, though one could wish a little more css beauty.

Must have for any good-sized media library

By Uwe Jacobs (uwejacobs) on March 29, 2022

This plugin is incredibly powerful and I am probably only using a fraction of its capabilities. I like how I can set some of the metadata already when uploading the file(s). The search, filter, and manipulation functions are indispensable. Then it has a shortcode with a ton of options to select and filter media files; the selection can be passed on to another gallery shortcode.

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