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Manage Notification E-mails

Disable or enable the WordPress notification e-mails (new user, changed password, automatic updates, etc.). Works perfectly in combination with a lot …
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With this plugin you can switch the different WordPress notification e-mails on and off, like options as the new user and password change notifications send by WordPress to the administrator and user. Works perfectly in combination with a lot of other plugins!

Virgial Berveling  
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Good plugin

By snoringdragon on August 1, 2023

This plugin has made life easier.

Thanks for its development.

Prevents password changes

By lookwhoo on June 23, 2023

This plugin no longer works and seems to have been abandoned. Within the past half year, users were complaining they weren't receiving the password reset emails. Sure enough, we found it was this plugin preventing password reset emails from going out. Disabled it and all is working as should now.

Works without any problem

By samtr on May 23, 2023

Works without any problem

Stopped working this week

By jreitter on May 17, 2023

Love the plugin, saved me a lot of hassle but stopped working all of a sudden. Did re-install, delete date etc. but now I get flooded with e-mails.

Edit: working again! Thank you so much!

Diesn't work, still getting notifications

By Vladinator (AlexPTY) on April 27, 2023

Howdy! Plugins failed to update on your site at XXXXXXXXXX

Please check your site now. It’s possible that everything is working. If there are updates available, you should update.

Funciona muito bem

By Alpha Vale Tec (donatelol) on March 29, 2023


Works great!

By mlipenk on March 22, 2023

You'd think that if Wordpress was going to have automated emails, they'd let you de-activate them! Not to mention that the way the emails are written looks and sounds totally phishy. Thanks to this plugin I've ridden the site of the phishy-looking emails going to users.

Best Plugin

By jens2021 on February 6, 2023

Works great with no issues

So incredibly useful!

By primitivenet on December 21, 2022

Thank you!

Great Plugin

By (ivan-nikitin) on December 16, 2022

Very useful plugin! Tnank's!

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