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Mammoth .docx converter

Mammoth converts semantically marked up .docx documents to simple and clean HTML, allowing pasting from Word documents and Google Docs without the usu …
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Mammoth is designed to convert .docx documents, such as those created by Microsoft Word, Google Docs and LibreOffice, and convert them to HTML. Mammoth aims to produce simple and clean HTML by using semantic information in the document, and ignoring other details. For instance, Mammoth converts any paragraph with the style Heading1 to h1 elements, rather than attempting to exactly copy the styling (font, text size, colour, etc.) of the heading. This allows you to paste from Word documents without the usual mess.

Michael Williamson  
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Saved me hours of work!

By mindbarometer on July 17, 2023

man you're a genius :)

Great plugin

By adeelaziz on July 9, 2023

highly recommended Pugin if you regularly upload blogs on WordPress

Beast plugin

By xtream prince (xtreamprince) on May 16, 2023

One of the most useful plugin out there.

Mammoth .docx Converter Not Working Properly

By CanadianTech on May 30, 2022

With the newest Wordpress update Mammoth .docx Converter has stopped functioning properly. Sometimes it converts and inserts properly but most of the time it takes forever then only inserts half the Word document. 7 months is a long time to go without an update for the plugin.

Молодцы, выручает

By rianovost (suryano11) on January 25, 2022

А вот если бы добавили возможность грузить файл через приложение w WordPress для андроид, то равным вам не будет! Молодцы

WOW, what a great plugin

By TLCJohn on August 23, 2021

Hi Mike We look after a number of websites, which due to UK government legislation have requested that all documents are now placed on the sites as HTML, so the page can very easily be read on all screen sizes and is accessible to people with disabilities. We have tested the plugin over the last few days and it really does the work for us. Just upload the Word Document and then click "insert into editor" done! I wish we had found this plugin months ago. It is great, very easy to use and does the job very well and plays very well with Gutenberg and Kadence theme and blocks. An around win. Cheers John


By Schabolabo (schabolabo) on July 28, 2021

This plugin is absolutely superb! I use it a lot, just wonderful.

7 months since update BEWARE

By donhz on April 21, 2021

I have the latest WP update, and Mammoth .docx converter not functioning. It is not working as advertised. Sometimes it doesn't convert the file at all, sometimes throws error messages like, "Error while attempting to convert file: Cannot read property 'children' of undefined." 7 months is a looong time to not update. Has this plug-in been abandoned? It's a good, useful idea, but only if it is updated to work with the ever-changing WP engine.

Great tool! Saves a lot of time

By cap365 on March 27, 2021

Thanks for making this great tool. I am very happy with it. It saves me a lot of time and works like a charm. I will make a donation.

Excellent plugin and great Wordable alternative

By tooltester on February 2, 2021

Saves me lots of time and works like a charm! I would pay for it.

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