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MailPoet – emails and newsletters in WordPress

Send beautiful newsletters from WordPress. Collect subscribers with signup forms, automate your emails for WooCommerce, blog post notifications & more
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Use MailPoet to create, send, manage, and grow your email marketing campaigns – all without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

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Extremely easy to set up, free tier is great

By landisbooks on June 4, 2023

I'm spinning up a new site with a shop for a project, which is all new territory for me. I can't even begin to express how happy I am with Mailpoet. It's simple, it has all the basic features I need even at the free tier, and it just works.

The best part is it handling not only my mail list but also things like my woocommerce emails, as my mail provider is a bit finicky to get working smoothly with Wordpress.

The whole thing is just pain free and that is priceless!

Funnels not possible

By Sofia (affiliatedachs) on May 30, 2023

First, the interface is extremely user-friendly. A quick start is possible even for absolute beginners. I enjoy the clean and simple design. You will be happy if you only need it for newsletters or some light automations for WordPress users.

Why only three stars? With MailPoet you will not be able to build any lead funnel due to some missing features:

  1. If you use double-opt-in (you must in Europe), you can have only ONE thank-you-page for all your lead funnels and lists. You cannot add an upsell offer per list on the thank-you-page. You can literally have only one generic thank-you-page for all your lists and funnels.
  2. There is no hook or any 3rd-party-automation AFTER thank-you-page. Your funnel will always stop here. E.g., there is no possibility to automatically create a WordPress user or enroll them in a course or send them an EDD discount code, neither add them to a special BodyBoss group. Nothing. No Zapier, no hooks, no webhook, no filters, no actions.

There have been feature requests for years for these two functions.

Quick to set-up, easy to use

By diffler on May 28, 2023

Perfect solution to all my newsletter needs!

MailPoet - Simply the best

By Vee (rejuvee) on May 25, 2023

It wasn't until I had an issue with another plugin that caused issues with MailPoet that I realised just how good MailPoet actually.

The initial set-up was simple with good instructions and it had all been working well until a rogue plugin was sending emails that looked like spam. I hadn't realised MailPoet had paused sending until I wanted to send my newsletter.

As a free user I wasn't expecting much in the way of support so looked at a couple of alternatives which made me realise just how good and easy to use the whole process is with MailPoet.

MailPoet support was in contact and we resolved the issue in less than 10 hours which was overnight for me. You can't ask for better than that from a free plugin.

My business Rejuvee Beauty & Holistic Retreat is a great fan of MailPoet and can't recommend it highly enough.


Great support

By robertgray on May 24, 2023

We haven't yet tried the plugin itself but the presale support was quick and was a confirmation to our question (if each email campaign can be sent from different emails) so the MailPoet plugin is now on our shortlist of emailing solutions we're looking into.

Great marketing tool with excellent support

By dawsonbarber on May 22, 2023

MailPoet is an exceptionally good product. It's a great marketing tool and the support stands head and shoulders above most.

The MailPoet team are fantastic

By gregorymcg on May 15, 2023

I switched to MailPoet after years using another very popular plugin. In the short time with MP I have been most impressed with the plugin's ease of use and its features. The MP team are tops with their support. Full marks MailPoet and thanks.

Great Plugin!

By jesusbp on May 11, 2023

Great plugin and great support.

Misleading marketing!

By mibelib on May 10, 2023

You have been promising automation of different kinds for more than a year and nothing has happened. You are still marketing the features, but when downloading, it has been saying "coming soon" for more than a year, and still does.

This is still a favorite plugin...

By spajonas on May 9, 2023

I've been using MailPoet for about 5-6 years now on many different sites and it's still the best newsletter plugin I've tried. Heck, I just installed it on another site yesterday. Works great with Amazon SES, too, which is what I continue to use for low-cost delivery. MailPoet continues to do updates and good developmental work on the plugin, and they always respond quickly to my customer support tickets. It's so rare that I find an app or plugin that I have stuck with for this long! I can't recommend it highly enough.

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