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Newsletter, SMTP, Email marketing and Subscribe forms by Sendinblue

Manage your contact lists, subscription forms and all email and marketing-related topics from your wp panel, within one single plugin
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Brevo’s official plugin for WordPress is a powerful all-in-one email marketing plugin. At a glance:

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Works as expected

By dnc75 on July 14, 2023

Really nice plugin. The form builder is a little clunky and counter intuitive, but nothing that can't be handled. If you rely on email marketing/list building for your business then this is definitely a plugin you should have in your arsenal.

Slow support, often breaks

By picadera on July 12, 2023

Been using Mailchimp for a long time, then switched to Sendinblue as they have no contact limit in their pricing. Unfortunately, the plugin and service feels quite buggy, support takes ages even if you are a paying loyal customer. Not good. Would be great if they took customers serious.

Forms will be deleted when you log out!!

By mif (mifundum) on June 5, 2023

Ok.. so i've installed the plugin, started created forms with custom CSS etc. Spent some hours. Then I wanted to test something and "logged out" of the plugin in my WP admin.. guess what, all forms are gone when you log back in, even with the same API key wtf...

Pretty poor

By yeboad on May 16, 2023

Pretty poor plugin integration with Sendinblue/Brevo, considering its their official app...

Form design is clunky and nothing is intuitive. Field names in the default forms don't align with their own online form field names.

Just not impressive at all. May other free plugins are far better.

Poorly coded plugin

By Pipo (E.Pipo) on April 21, 2023

I had a look at the plugin code because the recaptcha invisible was not working... I should have not! The plugin is poorly coded with a lot of bad practices:

  • Multiple IDs on the same page ;
  • Poor separation of concerns
  • No hooks for other developers...

I hope you'll run a revamp of the plugin because right now I can't trust it.

Can't add multiple forms on same page

By boucdur on April 17, 2023

I would put 2.5 on 5 but we can't so this is a 2 star rating. The sendinblue support answers quite well and quickly. It ended up telling me it's impossible to have multiple sendinblue forms on the same page to work correctly. If you do so the subscription to your list will work but the recaptcha won't. The plugin will add all the scripts each time for each form on your page. It's all messy and slow as we get the same files loaded multiple times.
It doesn't offer the possibility to use the google recatpcha V3 solution.

So I get robots to subscribe to my lists. There was nothing in the plugin's documentation to warn me of this.
I reckon it's a must have option to have the possibility to get multiple forms on the same page.

lacks many options

By geralddrissner on March 17, 2023

The plugin is fine if you have one form and don't need any customization. The plugin lacks many options and customization (e.g., there is only Google reCAPTCHA). And you do need bot protection! Without a captcha, you will receive a lot of spam. It also considerably slows down the website. Hopefully, the entire product gets an upgrade.

they refuse to send newsletter to my subscribers

By volkerforster on March 7, 2023

Sendinblue refused twice to send a newsletter to my list of recipients. The first incident happened when we reactivated about 1500 email addresses that we put to sleep for a couple of months due to low engagement. But all addresses that we collected throughout the years using sign-up (opt-in).

The second incident happened when we wanted to send another newsletter about 3 weeks after the first incident. We spent 500 Dollars in the meantime to run ads to get more subscribers to our newsletter, and Sendinblue refused to send our newsletter to these new subscribers as well.

It is completely unacceptable how they impinge on our business operations.

Create an account create a key then invalid?

By jovi62 on February 15, 2023

Absolutely waste of time...I had to create an account no problem then create a key bno problem but then when I tried to use the key or the master key no chance not happening not working...I've got better thimgs to spend my time on than a plug in that requires so much time and effort and then doesn't work.

Messed up forms

By byoriginaldesign on January 13, 2023

The forms enter incorrect code, such as a button being an input field. Google recaptcha integration is broken, preview of forms doesn't even work. Plugin seems incomplete. SendinBlue is a good service, but this plugin simply isn't.

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