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MailChimp List Subscribe Form

Use the MailChimp List Subscribe plugin to quickly add a MailChimp signup form widget to your WordPress 2.8 or higher site.
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Use the MailChimp List Subscribe plugin to quickly add a MailChimp signup form widget to your WordPress 2.8 or higher site.

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Why has this been abandoned?

By LordLiverpool on September 5, 2023

Why has this plugin been abandoned?

A company of MailChimp's size can easily afford to maintain this WordPress plugin.

Either support the plugin or delete it.

Zero Functionality

By mysticza on July 22, 2023

Doesn't display anything in a sidebar, no instructions, screenshots look like they're from 2010 [as @ 22/07/2023].

Almost worthless.

By wyverndryke on January 15, 2023

This plugin does not help you incorporate MailChimp into your WordPress site, at all.

Needs an update BADLY! It's not compatible with PHP 8+

By ericksonstudio on June 14, 2022

If you have PHP version 8.0 or above on your website, you will receive the following message ONLY if you have the Javascript option OFF in the MailChimp plugin settings — if you don't have the Javascript option on, the form won't work and you won't receiving any error messages indicating why:
Warning: Undefined array key "phone_format" in .../wp-content/plugins/mailchimp/mailchimp.php on line 861
Downgrade to PHP 7.4+ if possible and it will work again. In the meantime, MailChimp really needs to up their game since WordPress+MailChimp integration is important to many, otherwise you'll telling us to move to Constant Contact, et cetera.

Very unstable, not working properly

By leotuorto on May 4, 2018

Upon installed it locked my admin and had to uninstall it by deleting plug-in files using my server file manager

Only one form supported! No way!

By Oleg (Oleg.applaud) on February 18, 2018

Does not support multiple forms. Only one mailchimp list can be connected.

Not recommended unlike Mailchimp

By danba on August 11, 2017

I rarely give bad reviews but on this plugin I was disappointed. Mailchimp is an awesome services and yet they did not maintain, fix and improve this plugin. Now if they release a new version, which should include bug fixes and maybe some simple page level Targeting of widget, I would happily test again and revise my review.

Works great, just a tiny detail that annoys me...

By gotwickdotcom on June 7, 2017

Using Twenty Seventeen theme, when I add this widget to a page, it has a dot, like a bullet point, at the top of the form. I tried and tried to remove it, but no luck. No other widget does it that I have found. Any suggestions?


By brampt22 on March 27, 2017

Given that this is from Mailchimp, it's unfortunate how out-dated this plugin is in its look and feel, and functionality (no popups, etc.).

Works for me

By dreamweaver23 on January 3, 2017

Been using if for a while. Works just fine for me.

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