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List category posts

List Category Posts allows you to list posts by category and many other parameters in a post, page or widget. You use the [catlist] shortcode to selec …
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List Category Posts allows you to list posts by category in a post or page using the [catlist] shortcode. When you’re editing a page or post, directly insert the shortcode in your text and the posts will be listed there. The basic usage would be something like this:

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Allows me to use WP like the database it is

By WebSprite (contentsprite) on September 6, 2023

I've been using this plug in for years - and I've been remiss not leaving a review. I run a single site with a core set of portfolio type items that have a general information page.

Because of this plugin, I can type the description in a portfolio type post and have just the pieces I want replicated on the product page or in a blog post about the item. That's what databases are supposed to do - avoid replication of the same data. I decide to update a description, I fix it in one place and anywhere I've used that description gets updated.

It took trial and error and poring over the documentation, which is really good, to make it all work, but it was completely worth it. Thank you!

great plugin

By d2pren on August 17, 2023

Very usefull for me

Great Plugin

By trevalyan on March 16, 2023

it changed the way i work, much easier now. thx

great plugin

By modelscoordinationil on February 24, 2023

the plugin gives you the flexibility to control the display of posts in many ways and by many filters.

The many options available allow for insertion of posts lists by category in different ways, even in the same page. The pagination option works very well. posts can be displayed in full or title or excerpt.

It may require definition of css to get what you want. But there was plenty documentation in the plugin page to learn how to do it. (more examples of css setting would be nice)



By twohills on October 23, 2022

All the parameters in the shortcode are awesome. I've been able to do all i want

Does what the plugin says it does

By Cloud Development (clouddevelopment) on May 8, 2022

Works like the title described.

Shows all posts on same page

By aaronlkh on April 29, 2022

Like another user commented, this is the simplest plug-in to show all my posts on a single page. In addition, users have a lot of control of how the lists are displayed. Thanks for creating this!

Excellent Plugin

By edfonly on April 20, 2022

This plugin helped me to make a related post filter.


By jpschwartz on April 20, 2022

Exactly what I wanted. Updated 4/20/23022... Just one hitch: the post titles don't wrap properly when viewed on mobile devices (a huge disadvantage). Instead, words break at odd places on small screens. I lowered my rating to 2 stars.

Pure Genius

By nampara17 on April 1, 2022

What is not to like about this plugin. Add a plugin to enable categories and tags to pages and other CPT's and this plugin and you have the full ability to display categories in just about any way you like without having to resort to templates. This is a **MUST** in all my sites and one of the first plugins I reach for. It's super lightweight, offers great flexibility, and a route into querying pages, post and other CPT's to display anywhere, exactly what you want.

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