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Limit Login Attempts

Limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP. Fully customizable.
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Plugin Information

Limit the number of login attempts possible both through normal login as well as using auth cookies.

Johan Eenfeldt  
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By inakijm on December 30, 2020

Se lo pone más dicícil a los hackers que quieren acceder a tu blog ya que les limita el número de accesos.

Not maintained but still works

By wroot on April 29, 2020

Would be good to get new versions and fix possible security issues (if any), but it seems to still work.

Works very well

By purpslisfeedb on April 14, 2020

Works very well

Getting a lot better.

By brightvesseldev on October 21, 2021

We had initial issues and tried again and it is working better.


By naimansari on September 20, 2019

Awesome Plugin

It still works great!

By Adam Faryna (jarfar) on June 24, 2019

well done

After 7 years of no updates... still working well!

By david76oliver on December 4, 2018

I don't know how and why, but this plugin still works really well.

Still works, and it still works well. (WP Version 4.9.8)

By MrsJessicaSimpson on October 10, 2018

This plugin was provided by my host provider when I signed up with THOSTS in December 2017. Was considering deleting it, but, .. this is from it's log as of today 10/10/2018 IP Tried to log in as pigsoft.net (4 lockouts), b92.co.uk (2 lockouts) admin (1 lockout), b92.co.uk (1 lockout) pigsoft.net (1 lockout) b92.co.uk (2 lockouts) dyandoss27289 (1 lockout) admin (1 lockout) admin (1 lockout) michellz047609 (1 lockout) admin (1 lockout) b92.co.uk (4 lockouts) admin (1 lockout) b92.co.uk (5 lockouts), pigsoft.net (1 lockout) And so the list goes on, and one, and on, and on, .. China, Ukraine, France and the good old US of A to name just a few of the look up IPs I could be bothered to do. Script Jockies all of them, but they're not using brute force attacks: especially from reading some of the login (name) attacks that the web boys are using. Later on in that list, are some of the people I've mentioned in my posts: who aren't board members. Conclusion: This Plugin is worth it's weight in gold. Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

Best plugin I have ever installed

By albusaidys on July 22, 2018

I have always installed this plugin on all WP websites that I create or manage. Nothing significant seems to have happened. However lately I have been monitoring one of my websites and noticed heightened attempts to log in without my permission. I lowered the number of attempts to 2 and increased lockout periods. I have also turned option to get notifications every time login fails and login IP attempts get locked out. I couldn't be happier. This has worked as the best protection from hacks, protection to lock out intruder IP's etc. So far over 450 failed attempts and over 250 permanently locked out IP's Thank you for the protection

bad role

By hossam hamed (megatpl) on July 8, 2018

bad role

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