Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Block excessive login attempts and protect your site against brute force attacks. Simple, yet powerful…
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Limit Login Attempts Reloaded stops brute force attacks and optimizes your site performance by limiting the number of login attempts that are possible through the normal login as well as XMLRPC, Woocommerce and custom login pages. This is the only plugin you’ll need for your login security needs with over 2 million downloads worldwide.

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded  
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Works Great! You need this plugin.

By pcswebguy on January 31, 2023

I use this plugin on a couple of sites. It works great to stop hackers from trying to login to your site. I've been diligent about capturing IPs from hackers in the logs and adding those IPs to the blocked IP list. The number of attempted logins has gone from hundreds in a day to a few per week. I will use this on every site I build.

Quietly does its job

By Umdloti on January 21, 2023

It is not intrusive at all and quietly gets on with protecting your site. The WP dashboard has a simple interface showing number of failed login attempts.

work well

By x24help on January 20, 2023

How can i detect, when someone can login its not me?
Maybe the function to send an email when login occurs good idea. Yes i can not easy to detect, so send an email when i logged in to.

Good plugin

By andrewcc1961 on January 19, 2023

Have been using this plugin for some time and is peace of mind to know that our site is much less likely to be hacked.

Works well!!

By michvhf on January 18, 2023

It's notified me on several occasions. Got me to find and fix a few misconfigurations.

I like seeing zero attempts on the graph

By colorslides on January 17, 2023

I like seeing zero attempts on the graph when I log into my websites. My sites get hammered by a joint attack by idiotic hackers online, trying to log in. I need to install this on every website I have created.

Peace of mind

By wizardassociates on January 13, 2023

The fact that it stops people trying to get in gives me greater peace of mind.

Love the fact that it works

By rickellwood on January 13, 2023

But I don't really enjoy reading the email notifications that come in thick and fast from all the low life bottom feeders trying to hack my site. Starting to build my sites on a different platform to avoid this issue in the future.

However, I will continue to build on WP sites for clients and folks who are familiar with it as well as having invested in many plug-ins over the years such as Limit Login Attempts Reloaded.

İt does the job without a fuss

By ssezer on January 11, 2023

It does what it says

Lovely Plugin

By helenreeves on January 11, 2023

Very helpful

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