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Layout Grid Block

A Gutenberg container block to let you align items consistently across a global grid.
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Want to create a column-based layout with easily customizable column-width and positions? Or perhaps you want to align your content to a global layout grid across your post. With this Layout Grid block you can do both or either. There are also options to provide specific layouts to mobile or tablet breakpoints. Pick a number of columns (1-4), then go ahead and resize and position each column as you want them to look, for any screen. Optionally apply background colours and paddings to add emphasis.

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Heavy, expensive, terrible framework design, and very limited features!!!!!

By neoswf (NeoSwf) on July 25, 2023

Test your site with this plugin and without it, on lighthouse.

it costs between like 5-6 points, on mobile!!!!! It loads 45K of unused classes!!!!!!! 45K gzipped, and 186unzipped. No idea how come a company like Automattic can release a feature so funfumental, written so bad like that.

Pretty great - keeping my eye on this one

By Sunny (frdmsun) on June 2, 2023

Pretty great - keeping my eye on this one. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

A more flexible replacement for the standard columns block

By Rick Curran (rickcurran) on February 8, 2023

The is a more flexible replacement for the standard columns block. If you've ever battled with the standard columns to make multi-column components that adapted at mobile, tablet and desktop then I would definitely recommend this block.

Good Plugin

By Hitesh (alwayshits) on February 7, 2023

Nice to use and apply on website.

Works really well

By Matt Cromwell (webdevmattcrom) on November 4, 2021

Already working really well. It's clean and solid and intuitive. I'm working with it with the Kadence theme and it's excellent. Hope to see this in Gutenberg core soon!

Very Good

By Marcus (leadclown) on September 9, 2021

we definitive need this in core! the default columns in gutenberg are crap.


By ruhulam on July 31, 2021


Very helpful

By Zim (zimisun) on May 23, 2021

Thank you, nice and helpful! little advice: Add to tags "Gutenberg" in description. I didn't find you quickly. In the beginning i was looking for something like this by tag #Gutenberg

Essential plugin

By marxcie on April 4, 2021

One of my (very, very few) essential plugins for WP. It makes building layout a breeze. I made my own fork and build though, to make some changes: -I changed the basic gutter values to CSS variables, so now I can use my own values. -I changed to media queries as well, for my setup. -I changed the editor visually a bit, to make it look like an editor, see columns etc, but that's just a personal preference. And what I couldn't do, but would be nice to have, to change the order of columns, and the number of rows on mobile/tablet, when it starts collapsing. But again, it's essential, and should be part of core WP. Thanks guys!


By galliweb on November 22, 2020

Very nice approach. Keep it up.

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