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Woody code snippets – Insert Header Footer Code, AdSense Ads

Insert Headers and Footers, executes PHP code, uses conditional logic to insert ads, text, media content and external service’s code.
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Creative Motion, Will Bontrager Software, LLC   
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Code is not publishing in PHP 7.4.33

By rohit20231 on May 26, 2023

Few days back I realized that HTML tags stopped working on Free version. <BR> tag written inside double quotes in echo syntax were converting into new line. I realized that the new free version corrupted my entire website as I was using woody code snippet in all my pages.

To recover this damage I purchased Woody code snippet "Basic" lifetime plan (Premium 2022) on 22nd May 2023. This is blunder than free version. Now when I make changes in PHP snippets, it is not saving. I can see the update button but not publish.

I raised this with my premium login but no answer after 3 working days. Wrote so many emails.

Kindly resolve my issue otherwise return my money

Amount Received:$79.00 USD

Payment ID:914828

Customer ID:7040342

Plugin:Woody ad snippets

Plugin ID:3465

Plan:Premium 2022

Plan ID:17580


By maximequinzin on July 4, 2022

Works as expected, very simple !

Simple & efficient

By deefuz on November 24, 2021

Make your WP install has a 360° tool for pretty anything

Simple, intuitive, yet VERY Powerful

By dotch on October 24, 2021

I'm so glad I found this plugin. I've been using and ad-manager for years. I just deleted my ad-manager, because I can do the same AND MUCH MORE using this plugin. I use Woody code snippets now for all my ads, tracking codes and repeated text. It's all in one place and it helps keeping my site organized. The plugin basically uses the same style we're already used to when writing posts or pages (I still use the classic editor). Title, tags, delete, filters, trash, visual/text editor, bulk actions; it's all there. Feature request: multi-author ads (guest writer, revenue share). It would be great if a guest writer could ad his own AdSense Publisher-ID somewhere so that when a post is viewed by someone, ads with that author's publisher ID is shown to the viewer. I've seen this feature in the past in other scripts. As far as I know, this is not against the AdSense TOS. Thanks for this great plugin!


By ChickenWhisperer (thispluginisbuggyashell) on October 17, 2021

The free version did everything I needed, but I bought it anyway. Guys, seriously - a universal snippet that allows PHP and JQuery code IN THE SAME SHORTCODE! You outdid yourselves. Many WP users don't know that they can insert some simple JQuery to make a small change on a site in 10 seconds. This plugin makes up for the shortcomings of a thousand other plugins. The "ONLY RUN IF USER ROLE =" IS AMAZING!!! The only other options I know of are manually checking user role with wp PHP functions, bloated, time consuming, etc, or writing a plugin/filter. CRAZY. I have no words. How developers that are this rational and prudent ended up on WordPress, land of nightmare code is beyond me. and their free version is amazing. Like I said, I only bought it b/c I love them.

Not compatible with PHP 7.4

By rjarmitage1 on December 3, 2020

Do not install - not compatible with PHP 7.4 and no tech support to resolve critical issues with plugin!


By cjnatali on November 20, 2020


Best Snippet Plugin

By timekeeperbank on November 20, 2020

I use HFCM but I'm pretty sure it doesn't do PHP. I used My Custom Functions and I had a PHP error and it crashed my site. So to recover the site I had to change the plugin folder name. I tired to activate MCF and its broken and can't be reactivated, so I had to use File Manager to delete the plugin. So I tried Woody and you know this woodpecker is so smart and safe because of this safe mode link --> http://your-site-name.dev/wp-admin/?wbcr-php-snippets-safe-mode and you can easily change your code and update it without wrecking your site! I'm very happy about this feature and will probably move my HFCM codes to Woody because Woody is much safer for guys like me who nuke their production site daily. Glad to be a Woody Fan! Thank you Woody for offering a free and easy to use plugin!!!

Way too many database queries

By philraymond on September 11, 2020

This plugin queries the database 1 time per user comment. If you have a blog post with, say, 300 comments, that's 300 queries just for the comments! If you want to keep your database queries low, like under 100 for the whole page, don't use this plugin. They've said they're going to fix the poor coding but they haven't.

Heel handig

By ljvoostende on July 4, 2020

Verbaas me steeds weer over de mogelijkheden van deze plugin. Met behulp van de snippets al heel wat aanpassingen en extra's mogelijk gemaakt op mijn websites

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