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ImageMagick Engine

Improve the quality of re-sized images by replacing standard GD library with ImageMagick.
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Dramatically improve the quality of re-sized images by making WordPress use ImageMagick instead of standard GD image library.

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By terrawide on June 23, 2022

Be careful if you're using a Plugin like Real Media. The ImageMagick Engine does not respect the Directory structure the Real Media Plugin creates. This issue most likely does not affect many people, so it's just a cautionary note to watch out for and not a complaint about the ImageMagick Engine Plugin. Although it would be a nice addition to this plugin as a cool refinement. Also on the subject of PNGs, the compression is not optimal. Again, not the fault of this plugin, but the underlying ImageMagick binary or PHP implementation. Here's the quick data - Original Image 353 KB (3599 x 937), ImageMagick Engine 123 KB (768 x 200), Standard WordPress 117 KB (768 x 200), Corel Product 33 KB (768 x 200). And no, the above is not a mistake or typo when noting the size of the ImageMagick VS Standard Wordpress. And yes, the compression setting could be adjusted in the ImageMagick Engine configuration, but the above reflects the default of 70 (percent). Corel did an outstanding job given the image ended up a quarter of the size of IME or SWP. And zooming and inspecting the image on a 4K monitor showed no discernible difference. So sadly, doing it manually with Corel (or possibly other products) is the way for us to go right now. But still, this is a good plugin and this review is not intended to be derogatory or mean. But there are some refinements and improvements to made with it. Thanks for making the plugin.

Simple, functional

By aurelienpierre on October 3, 2021

The thumbnail regeneration could be a bit faster though. I have used it for longer than I can remember, at least 5 years.


By captnanubis on October 14, 2020

This is the first review i have ever left for any plugin. this is the best free plugin ever it increases quality in uploaded graphics for wordpress. it recognises the changes in php files i am in love with this plugin. thank you thank you

Works as advertised

By ddegner on September 6, 2020

Maybe even better. It uses ImageMagick Engine that is installed and allows me to easily regenerate all my images.

This Plugin Should Have 1,000,000+ Installs

By Sticky Pod (stickypod) on January 17, 2020

As a 20 year Linux server administrator, top rated coder on Upwork, and WordPress plugin developer, I am shocked that this plugin does not have at least 1,000,000 installs! Let me explain, if you wish to optimize your images, there are a handful of plugins that can do this for you, however, all of them, except this one, require setting up an API, or some other special remote access if by chance the web server does not have optional PHP programs enabled. The optional PHP program is usually PHP exec. In most cases, web hosts never enable these optional PHP programs because they pose a tremendous security risk. ImageMagick Engine bypasses all of this and uses the built in PHP ImageMagick processing. No monthly fees, no extra configurations, and nearly guaranteed to work on any web host because it's a PHP program that most, if not all web hosts, load by default. Brilliant! Get this one. It's stupid easy to use, and can regenerate all your WP images in just a few minutes.

Does not work

By kotyarashop on June 19, 2019

Does not work ever.

I am glad that it works, but it doesnt support .png?

By Jek-fdrv on October 29, 2016

Original Plugin

Excellent. Use when server has ImageMagick but not Imagick PHP extension.

By AoxoA on September 3, 2016

[ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]

This plugin (version 1.5.2) is extremely useful if you have ImageMagick enabled but you don't have the Imagick PHP extension. Without both WordPress won't automatically use ImageMagick. This plugin enables you to use it and has other awesome features.

Great plugin, needs two hacks to work perfectly

By hussong on September 3, 2016

This is a fantastic plugin.

I'm using it mainly to speed up thumbnail creation and preserve the quality of all image sizes generated by WordPress before they're sent to an external image optimizer like TinyJPG or Imagify.

As of version 1.5.2, the plugin needs to minor hacks to work well (from the support forum here):

1. Make the PHP notice to away: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/broken-on-381-because-of-deprecated-gd_edit_image_support?replies=3#post-5371224

2. Preserve PNG transparency:

I can't make the plugin save quality values lower than 70, but that's irrelevant for my use case anyway.

Here's hoping that the plugin will get another update at some point :-)

Works as stated, but…

By nullrend on September 3, 2016

This plugin works as advertised but be aware you will likely run into issues with its handling of the media gallery when inserting media into a post.

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