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HTTP Headers

HTTP Headers adds CORS & security HTTP headers to your website.
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HTTP Headers gives your control over the http headers returned by your blog or website.

Dimitar Ivanov  
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Great addition to securing a site

By KrackMedia on September 16, 2023

Been using this for well over a year now. Works like a champ with custom themes, wide variety of plugins, and page builder themes. Of course, we keep all of these updated. The settings dashboard is very user-friendly. Much easier than adding these manually. Thank you!


By developersuha on July 27, 2023

I use this plugin on many of my sites, and I have never encountered fatal error errors as in the comments. I am using PHP 8.0 and below.

People who have problems should check if there are any other plugins that affect the htaccess file. This plugin takes care of the htaccess file.

Talking about the plugin, the developer did a good job. All http header codes and descriptions are available.


No longer works with recent WP/PHP

By rbutterworth on November 24, 2022

Used this for years, it has been great but it needs updating for recent WP releases, and in particular for PHP 8.1 - there is some code that relied on earlier versions of PHP being forgiving or some common coding issues, which now breaks on an up to date system.

Good plugin.

By naveenyouth on October 10, 2022

Enhances the security of a WordPress site. Thanks for the developer for making this useful plugin, hopes he actively maintains this plugin.

No longer works. Enabling ANYTHING causes fatal error

By spunkster on April 6, 2022

I've been usign this plugin for years, but it no longer works - causing fatal error whenever you try and enable any of the settings. I'm seeing multiple people saying the same thing and NOBODY is responding to them.

Crashed my site

By Duke Snoogens (MikeLoucas) on March 21, 2022

Not sure what's up with this, but every single save I made crashed my site. I rolled back and tried another setting... crashed my site. I removed the plugin, but I'll try in on another site and see what happens.

Doesn't work with NGINX

By Stephen Wick (swick4556) on February 24, 2022

So, the plugin documentation doesn't do enough to communicate to a new user HOW it controls the HTTP response headers. It needs to talk about how it creates a .htaccess file for Apache web servers by default, and how it can be configured to modify a .user.ini file for PHP-FastCGI. It should also talk about how it produces configuration directives for NGINX web server, but you have to manually copy those directives into your web server's config file or it won't do anything. Since I use NGINX, this wasn't what we wanted, because we cannot cut Devops out of the process of adding/removing HTTP Headers. We want the business to be able to simply add a header to wordpress and be done. I just don't understand one thing. Why isn't it an option to just have the HTTP Header plugin make header('{header_name}: {header_value}'); calls within PHP for each request, instead of modifying a configuration file, so that it doesn't matter what web server you are using? And if it's not possible to add the headers with PHP code, then why can't we specify the location of the nginx.conf file for the plugin to modify, like we can for the .htaccess and .user.ini files?

Can't do anything

By timelimited on February 8, 2022

Try saving any setting (even without changing anything) and just get a critical error.


By Kostiantyn (speedplus) on January 22, 2022

Great plugin with a huge amount of settings. Despite the complexity of the setup, the developers have added comments with links to full help. It helps a lot that the comments are also translated into Russian. After setting up the plugin, be sure to check both the functionality of the site and the speed indicators. Some settings may slow down the site loading speed.

Very useful

By akkk33 on August 28, 2021

It's very useful plugin but I'd much love if developer put some UX enhancements. Thank you

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