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HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

Add syntax highlighting to WordPress code editors using CodeMirror.js
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Add syntax highlighting in the Classic Post & Page HTML text editor, Gutenberg Code Editor, and Theme & Plugin editors using CodeMirror.js

James Bradford  
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The fantastically useful plugin

By Alexander Guskov (forcesail) on October 21, 2021

The fantastical plugin that converts faceless TinyMCE to the powerful tool. The only suggestion is to mark dark/light themes, please

Works, even on iOS/mobile

By FolioVision on August 20, 2021

HESH is built on top of Code Mirror which is first class code. The implementation is somewhat eclectic including a settings button in the front end which allows the user to really play with editor settings. Easy access to the settings is convenient at first and then a bit of a distraction. HESH even highlights WordPress shortcodes [shortcode] syntax. What HESH doesn't have is Markdown syntax highlighting in the posts/pages plain text editor but the WordPress shortcodes and HTML highlighting helps make up for it. What is buggy are the settings on iPhone (iOS 13.5) where the settings buttons more or less don't work and the settings can't be closed. If you don't touch the settings though, HESH provides a better plain text editor than WordPress default (which can be very finicky to accept text entry). It remains easier to edit on iOS with HESH installed than without so no downnmarks here. All in all a great plugin, a bit overwhelmed right now with legacy support for WordPress 4.9 editor, Classic Editor, Code view, plain text editor, Gutenberg and the sixteen different kinds of blocks which might need syntax highlighting. I can't blame the plugin authors for not being on top of all editors all the time now in the current Gutenberg-induced editor hell. Very, very grateful for their hard work and looking forward to HESH v3.

Top Tier Plugin

By ximbor on August 10, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to create such an awesome plugin :) lots of options of colours etc. Very good.

Delays while writing

By muhiBBi on June 10, 2021

It's nice that this plugin is customizable. However, it causes delays while writing in the editor. These pauses are very frustrating.

Awesome plugin!

By cutu234 on March 25, 2021

This plugins works great with the classic editor. I can't comment on using it with Gutenberg or any pagebuilders, since I don't use them. If you edit HTML with the WP editor on a regular basis, you can't really live without this plugin. I'm really looking forward version 3. Keeep up the good work and thanks for sharing with us!

Superb, more options than I imagined

By Tim Reeves on March 19, 2021

And what's really neat, is that there is no WP Admin page, all settings are performed while editing. This is a perfect job. I have only used the classic editor (still waiting until Gutenberg is more mature). A previous reviewer wrote that text added in the Text tab is lost when switching to Visual - I have not seen this happen. I'm very happy :)


By liaris on August 29, 2020


Does not keep html

By digihulpdienst on February 18, 2020

When I write HTML, save it and then switch to visual editor, all the HTML is gone. So it just does not do what it promises to do :-(


By Alain Aubry (caban13) on January 12, 2020

Amazing! It is exactly what I was dreaming... Now I don't need to move text in and out of WP. Thanks!

Great! But some issue...

By Anonymous User 16188474 (anonymized_16188474) on December 2, 2019

So far... just wonderful! The only thing not really working is the "Show scrollbars" but other than that: Perfect for my needs! Thanx!

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