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Hide Page And Post Title

Hide title on single pages and posts.
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Hide title or Hide page and post title plugin provides functionality to user to hide the page and post title.

Arjun Thakur  
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Nice and simple!

By postmanpat1066 on August 31, 2023

Nice! Simple and does just what it says, no muss, no fuss. Thank you!!

Ne fonctionne pas sur toutes les pages

By lolo974 on August 18, 2023

Comme d'autres l'ont dit, cela ne fonctionne pas sur toutes les pages ou articles, alors que j'ai un vieux plugin "disable title" non mis à jour depuis plus de 9 ans qui fonctionne bien et a plus d'option. Ma version Wordpress est 4.9.23 avec le thème Fanzone.

Keeps not working

By frazeedavid on July 8, 2023

It works sometimes. Then when I make a page edit, the title displays again. I have to click off, save. Then click on and save again. Every time I make an edit to a page. Doesn't work.

Doesn't work

By ted0815 on June 16, 2023

There is no visible funktion. I set the flag, but Title is still on the page...

No funciona

By otul on May 29, 2023

El titulo sigue visible, no funciona

Inefficient plugin

By jan.mazanek on February 23, 2023

This plugin doesn't remove title at PHP level from HTML. It hides via JQuery. It is even less efficient than to add CSS code to certain pages.

Needs Update

By mathias2010 on January 25, 2023

Too bad - plugin does not work anymore. Please update.

The plugin didn’t work

By racalazic on November 25, 2022

unfortunately every time I check the box to hide title page, nothing happens

Causes top of page to be hidden

By amdphreak on August 25, 2022

It is bugged: it causes the entire main content area to be rendered under the title area and navigation panel on the page. This problem does not happen on mobile browsers: only laptop/desktop browsers. Use Botiga Page options (will show up at the bottom of every page in the edit area) instead of this.

Default behavior is inconvenient

By wordcrunch on August 10, 2022

By default, the page titles are shown. The whole point of the plugin is to hide them, so this should be the default action, or there should be a setting to make this the default action. Without this, I have to go in and manually hide them for all the pages. It is quite tedious.

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