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Heartbeat Control

Allows you to easily manage the frequency of the WordPress heartbeat API.
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Heartbeat Control by WP Rocket allows you to manage the frequency of the WordPress heartbeat API in a few clicks.

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Plugin file size 4.2mbs for just controlling heartbeat api

By Jorcus (jorcus) on September 2, 2023

Plugin file size 4.2mbs for just controlling heartbeat api. Overengineer

Thank you

By lakenetwork on July 13, 2023

Much appreciate this plugin which allows me to have more control over optimizing my site - and for free.


By Anonymous User 20443167 (anonymized_20443167) on January 5, 2023

Ancient plugin, untested, produce errors as soon as you activate it:

The plugin generated 630 characters of unexpected output during activation

Also has errors on it's dashboard menu, trying to ping wordpress.org resulting in 404 error.

Old bad, dangerous. Remove it from your site and WP repository.

It interferes with EverlightBox v. 1.1.18 plugin

By alextintea on November 9, 2022

All the three options in "General settings" are not displayed. When I deactivate EverlightBox, everything goes back to normal. I have WP v. 6.1 and the free version of Event Star theme (with Gutentor - Gutenberg Blocks and SiteOrigin page builders). Cheers :)

POST admin-ajax.php: time to load never less then 2 seconds on any page

By milosmili1234 on July 31, 2022

POST admin-ajax.php - WP6.0.1 + WooCommerce 6.7.0: time to load never less than 2 seconds on any page when Heartbeat control is disabled on the dashboard, front, and post editor. So an average load page time is > 4 seconds, meaning half of the load time goes to admin-ajax.php

Good for reducing CPU/server load..

By creatopia on May 5, 2022

Heartbeat functions are cool, but not necessary for most people. Turned off front end and reduces pulse rate on back end.


By bimbles mcpippens (capsulecore) on February 28, 2022



By Karel Rehak (rehakk) on February 10, 2022



By kordphotoshop on November 15, 2021

good v


By user1online on November 6, 2021


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