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hCaptcha for WordPress

Enables hCaptcha.com integration with WordPress.
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hCaptcha is a privacy-focused alternative to reCAPTCHA that helps protect websites from bots and spam. It offers better privacy and compliance with privacy laws. With hCaptcha, you can add human verification to various forms and plugins on your website to ensure that only real users can access your content or perform actions.


Protects Privacy, Blocks Bots

hCaptcha offers better protection against spam and abuse while prioritizing user privacy, making it an ideal replacement for reCAPTCHA.

Advanced Security, Low Friction

hCaptcha Pro provides high security and low friction with advanced machine learning capabilities, reducing the challenge rate and offering UI customization options.

Complies with Privacy Laws

hCaptcha is designed to comply with privacy laws in every country, including GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and more, ensuring the protection of user data and privacy.

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High-quality Captcha!

By G. (accentsduterroir) on August 23, 2023

I find the plugin to be very good, with a simple and well-thought-out interface. The support of this plugin is very friendly and responsive for the free version of the plugin; I can only imagine it being even better for the paid version.

This leads me to the reason for deducting one star: the subscription fee is exceptionally high for those who just only want the checkbox functionality without a challenge (equivalent to Invisible reCaptcha v3). While I understand that every service deserves compensation and I assume that this subscription fee is justified, I find it a pity. Sooner or later, a more affordable alternative will inevitably take the lead and replace hCaptcha. It's all the more regrettable since hCaptcha's current reputation has already blossomed and is widely recognized as the go-to alternative to reCaptcha, especially due to its commitment to data privacy (in compliance with GDPR). However, with such an expensive paid version, many small freelancers will have to turn to another solution. If it's not feasible to make the subscriptions more affordable in the future, why not at least offer a pay-per-request monthly fee?

Despite this concern, I'm genuinely grateful to be able to use the free version of hCaptcha and its plugin. Many thanks and best wishes to the entire team! Your service is undeniably of high quality overall!

Working great with Divi!

By Graham Smith on August 22, 2023

This plug-in works great with Divi, thank you for integrating it. My review is for the plugin and not the actual hCaptcha service, although it too works great.

For anyone confused, the Sample hCaptcha shown in the plugin’s settings within the Keys section is not simply an image (it confused me too!) but a live Captcha, so you have to tick it when using the Check Site Config tool etc.

Simple toggle for light or dark mode, also a Whitelist option for protecting access for IPs.

Would be nice to see a Dynamic DNS URL option also for Whitelist. Handy for when you are using broadband with a dynamic IP address which changes frequently or unexpectedly.

Nice job.

Not working

By ripple2439 (alemendozadg) on August 14, 2023

When entering the Site Key and the Secret Key, it does not allow saving, giving error:

hCaptcha has failed to initialize. Please see the developer tools console for more information.

In the console the error is as follows:

api.js?onload=hCaptchaOnLoad&render=explicit:3 Missing sitekey - https: // hcaptcha. com / docs / configuration#jsapi

P/D: The data is correct.

P/D2: The error messages doesn't have spaces, I've just added in order to comment here.

The best plugin I've used for this purpose

By Andrew Pisarevsky (renak) on June 6, 2023

Thanks a lot for this plugin helpful plugin! hCaptcha - helps get rid of my site from spam messages

Helpfull plugin

By zevilz on June 6, 2023

The plugin working perfectly! Easy to use and easy integrate hCaptcha in custom forms.

Best of the best

By mihdan on June 6, 2023

Works great. I switched from Google reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha because there isn’t really a good plugin that is compatible with WooCommerce.

Good plugin, amazing developer

By Dima Minka (CDK Comp) on June 6, 2023

I don't really like a plugins with any captcha, but for one of my clients with Amazon SES hCaptcha save a lot of money and time. Now all forms protected from spam, Amazon didn't block the acc of my client, so im really satisfied now.
special thx for developer of hCaptcha, for your contribution to open source!!!

Buggy and harmed my business

By t-ryder (ryder203) on April 22, 2023

I'm using a Wordpress Woocommerce Shop and Mollie Payments with Germanized and Astra Theme. I had hCaptcha installed for the checkout of my shop. The last two moths I wondered why nobody ordered anything in my tiny shop (but I was busy with other things and had other stress). Turned out, that the hCaptcha plugin causes a glitch/bug at the payment selection of Mollie Payments. Thanks a lot to the devs of this plugin, I'm so happy. Not. Now I know, why I don't have any sales. I disabled hCaptcha for WooCommerce now. Oh boy...

Every time it updates, it breaks all my forms

By netmeg on April 4, 2023

I don't know why but every time there's an update, none of my forms work anymore. I don't know why, I don't know how, I'm not a developer. But over eight websites, that's my experience.

*The* captcha plugin to use.

By KZeni on April 4, 2023

Myself, among others (including Cloudflare back in 2020; they have a blog post about it), moved from reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha with it generally being a nicer experience as a developer, manager, and end-user.

This plugin is then instrumental in facilitating hCaptcha on sites. It's then great that there's an official plugin (unlike needing to choose from a handful of 3rd party options where each has their own trade-offs and has a more uncertain support & ongoing development compared to being able to use an official offering.

It's also great to see this plugin is active on GitHub (with the plugin's FAQ section in the plugin details pointing people to this) so we can get the combined efforts that might've otherwise been someone creating their own separate plugin (instead, they can add/update what they need in the official plugin for a better overall result.)

Finally, their plugin integration/support with anything/everything that might want/need a CAPTCHA is one of the best I've seen in a CAPTCHA plugin (even outside of plugins that are just for hCaptcha.) They're still actively adding more support as of the release made just today (also adding hooks/filters for developers, making sure modern PHP is being accounted for properly, etc.) It definitely makes one think this is the best way to go for any type of CAPTCHA (then the hCaptcha service being one of the best options out there.)

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