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Gravity Forms Zero Spam

Enhance your Gravity Forms to include anti-spam measures originally based on the work of David Walsh's "Zero Spam" technique.
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This Gravity Forms add-on blocks spam using a non-obtrusive anti-spam measure and can email a spam report summary.

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Not sure how it's working, but it's working great so far!

By wodobo on June 12, 2022

Most of the popular spam filters don't block manual entries. I used to use another plugin that lets you manually choose to block an IP address if you determine that it's spam, and that was semi useful, but took too much time monitoring. We had a client who was getting 5-10 spam messages a day and we installed this and it stopped. They are still getting legitimate messages but the spam has stopped. We're still monitoring it to see if this keeps up, but so far this is a miracle worker. Thanks for whoever made this plugin!

Well, it got rid of all the spam and many valid submissions

By anphira on May 24, 2022

This plugin is a bit too agressive. It got rid of all the spam, but also flagged a lot of valid submissions as spam. I've now added this plugin to my "evil plugins, never use" list.

Solid Spam-Fighting Solution!

By liamdempsey on May 13, 2022

I have had this plugin running on a number of client sites for several months now, ever since I learned of it. After monitoring its performance across a handful of sites, I am so delighted at how well it filters out form-submitted spam. Amazing! And it is so easy to install. No configuration necessary. Simplicity and functionality for the win. Highly recommend!

All email ends up in spam

By user214 on March 10, 2022

Using version 1.2.1 of this plugin. And version of gravity forms. Every submission I try, will return as spam.

Sends automated spam to the bit bucket

By webaware on October 15, 2021

An amazingly simple yet successful strategy, this plugin captures pretty much all automated spam with little chance of false positives. No need to bother people with nasty CAPTCHAs, just install this plugin enjoy the ensuing peace.

It works and it get's updated

By Jason Robinson (jsrobinson) on July 10, 2021

Please keep in mind that no anti-form-spam plugin is going to be perfect. This has reduced form spam on 20+ sites by 99%. And the devs update based on new patterns, so turn on auto-updates.

Best GF spam prevention!

By lookwhoo on July 6, 2021

This plugin simply works! I was about to pull my hair out with the amount of spam that comes into Gravity Forms and this plugin simply puts a stop to nonsense spammy submissions. It just works! Kudos to the developers :)

Does what it's meant to do and great support

By chris_c on March 20, 2021

Very effective plugin and well supported by the developers.

Simple and effective

By Daniel Loureiro (loureirorg) on March 3, 2021

Besides its simple approach, David Walsh’s “Zero Spam” technique, it works well.

Appreciate this plugin a lot!

By cornershop on February 15, 2021

It helps way more than Gravity Forms' built in features, and it's nice to try invisible options before making users deal with Captcha quizzes. :)

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