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Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This Anti-Malware scanner searches for Malware, Viruses, and other security threats and vulnerabilities on your server and it helps you fix them.
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Eli Scheetz  
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Great support

By ms100 on May 9, 2023

The Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall plugin comes with great support!

Beyond Excellent

By cpo1wh on April 21, 2023

After having well known company malware cost issues, I scoured the plugins for Wordpress and installed a couple. I was initially skeptical about Anti-Malware, but after running it my skepticism disappeared. Without the Anti-Malware plugin, I would have been up the creek without a paddle. In my opinion, in today's world, malware is becoming a very significant problem and unless the hosting providers figure out some reasonable cost-wise solutions, nothing but trouble lies ahead. Now, I am hoping that Eli can provide a similar Anti-Malware solution that runs inside the server without requiring access to the dashboard. After all, many malware issues will block you from the dashboard. Here's hoping Eli can excel, once more. Thanks to Eli, I'm still in the game on multiple websites.

Top-notch support

By robertgray on April 20, 2023

Besides being a very simple to use, no-nonsense plugin (compared to bloared alternatives), and having a very fair pricing logic, we were also amazed by the support. Highly recommended.


By mattpolakow on April 17, 2023

This plugin works great and does exactly what it says it does. Eli has wonderful customer service. Support this project!

An absolute piece of art!

By mgalileo on April 6, 2023

As a WordPress developer, getting a client complaining about their site being hacked is almost a habit. It happens everyday. Recently, I've encountered the most severe WordPress hack, dozens of my client's websites. Even my own sites got hacked! This plugin saved my time, effort, and money.

You need to run the complete scan and rest assured, it will scan the files and database for any malware and SQL injections.

If you have happen to be in a similar situation, do the following steps and I'll explain why:

  1. Take a complete backup. Especially, if your site has important data.
  2. Install and activate the following plugins: MalCare, Breeze, and this Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall
  3. First, activate the MalCare plugin, it will perform a complete scan and tell you, without a doubt, if your site is hacked. It also will set up a protective shield and prevent bot attacks. This plugin is essential to let you know if your site is clean for real or not. If your site is hacked, you will need to carry on to the next steps otherwise, no need to.
  4. Second, run a complete scan using this plugin for which I'm writing the review. If you find any malicious threats, go ahead and delete them. I didn't just quarantine the threats, I deleted them for good.
  5. Third, activate Breeze. From WP Admin > Settings > Breeze > Database Options > Clean All. Sometimes, if you delete the malware, some database values will remain, triggering MalCare to mark your site Hacked. After you clean the database, it's all set and clean.

This is the approach that made me able to clean my toughest websites. I hope this helps you as well.

My best,

Good plugin

By aboyitdev on March 19, 2023

it verry good

Tempi di scansione biblici.

By archimede113 on March 3, 2023

Non so se questo plugin sia efficace o meno a scovare malware, e non credo che avrò la pazienza di attendere per scoprirlo. Non so se il mio sito sia infetto o meno, il fatto è che dopo 4 ore sono ancora al 63% della scansione completa. Secondo le previsioni la scansione dovrebbe concludersi tra circa 3 ore. Quindi, se tutto va bene, e con una buona dose di ottimismo, una scansione completa dovrebbe durare all'incirca 7 ore.

A MUST have in your toolbox

By JustBruno on March 2, 2023

I have been using this plugin for several years. I've also used other but this is the best. This plugin scan for malware and it does it well. If you ever have a question about a returned reported code the author of this plugin replies and he replies fast. I manage dozens of websites and lately I've had an unusually large amount of malicious code reports. I sometimes question the result and Eli will look into the problem and give you a fast and thorough response. This is an amazing plugin that everyone, professionals and otherwise should have in their bag of tools. We need more plugin developers like Eli of Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall.

I need to grow more thumbs to give more thumbs up!!!


By razasdeperros on March 2, 2023

EDIT: I edit my review and give 5 stars. Excellent support for a free plugin, really surprised. Thanks for the help.


After analyzing several of my websites and observing the same problem in some of them, I did a complete scan in a new installation, in another host, and it was also positive with the same problem.

So I used again a different host, installed WP, used this plugin and again false positive.

They should fix this, it has cost me two days of headache.

Works like a charm - no BS

By 3lij4h on January 31, 2023

This plugin is simply good & works like a charm.

It's one of those plugins you CHOOSE to DONATE to simply out of appreciation. It saved me a lot of time did not "force me" to donate nor require it for the script to work.

Also, the donation is so fair and extendable to as many website as you require.

A big thank you.

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