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Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder

Form Maker is a user-friendly contact form builder that allows to create forms for any purpose, from a simple contact form to multi page survey forms
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Form Maker is the leading drag & drop plugin for building forms of any complexity in just a few clicks.

10Web Form Builder Team  
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By s4mr4t on September 12, 2023


Great plugin!

By Marisa Salinas (marisasalinas) on July 25, 2023

Lots of options and very customizable.

Great Plugin - Great Tech Support

By chattbob on July 10, 2023

I feel I still have a lot to learn but I've been using Form Maker Pro enough to say that it is meeting my needs and I've been very pleased with the forms that I've been able to add to our website. I've also found several of the extension very useful.

I've had only a few issues for which I've had to open a ticket with technical support and the team there has been right on top of the issue and quickly provided an update to resolve the problem.

It's nice to be able to save it in another database

By slifei on March 3, 2023

<font _mstmutation="1"></font>It's great to be able to send the form to another database, especially if you're using the web to register your game database.

Great product

By kloader04 on January 23, 2023

I needed a form program where I can use the theme fonts which yours did. And very easy to set up a form!

Thank you

Great plugin

By vinoloveclub on December 2, 2022

It is great! Easy to use and understand, looks great, very practical. Highly recommend! Thank you!

Great plugin

By Alvaro Cano (interwebsiteargentina) on November 21, 2022

Great plugin. Tanks

Easy to use

By borax43 on November 21, 2022

We are happy to use it!

Incomprehensible plugin

By Olena Tsaruk (elenatsaruk) on July 19, 2022

I haven't been able to deal with him. No instructions for use, poor technical support. If it worked it would be the best plugin!


By risimati on June 22, 2022

As a web designer, I have tried all to different clients but Form maker- Awesome! User friendly and with excellent features.

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