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Font Awesome

The official way to use Font Awesome Free or Pro icons on your site, brought to you by the Font Awesome team.
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The official way to use Font Awesome Free or Pro icons on your site, brought to you by the Font Awesome team.

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Most of the free icons won't show using the pseudo-element method

By egocefalo on February 20, 2023

Using the CDN or Kit option there's no difference, most of the 2,020 free icons found on fontawesome page by searching with the "Free" filter won't show at all, just a crossed out rectangle appears. Backward compatibility selected 6.x or 5.x, tried every combination and many many many many Free Icons,

It's the official plugin guys... can't you do it rigth? Maybe your select and insert block friendly thing works. But some of us need to use the pseudo-element method.

By the way thanks for the plugin...

Excellent Free Product

By Cory Lamle ([email protected]) on February 4, 2023

For a free product this works quite well and allows users to quickly add font-awesome to their site without messing with custom code. If they offered a Pro version of this then it would definitely need to be cleaned up to work more easily on the editor side, however for a free piece of software its pretty nice and allows me to more easily integrate font-awesome into my sites. Thanks!

Terrible it brokes everyting in my site

By sophisticated on July 21, 2022

It brokes everything on my website. Icons don't work properly. Never set up it.

Broke my site

By Jimmy (jimmyastro) on July 14, 2022

As soon as I enabled it the entire site was down - stuck with the browser trying to connect to fontawesome. not very awesome...

Great free icons

By Uwe Jacobs (uwejacobs) on March 29, 2022

The Font Awesome plugin makes it easy to stay on top of the latest version that is otherwise hidden away in some assets folder. Block editor support makes it easy to insert icons without having to remember their names. Can't wait for version 6.

Just works

By DJ Davey (xdjxdaveyx) on January 20, 2022

This works perfectly for me where others didn't.

No local files.

By vee (okvee) on January 13, 2022

This plugin work great as they did not left the junk behind in the DB on uninstalled. But I found no option to use the Font Awesome assets (such as CSS+fonts) on my local site without CDN access. For example that I may have to install the website and then use in the intranet where no external access. However, there is some errors with WordPress 5.9-RC2-52567, PHP 7.1. It said:
Undefined variable: should_enable_icon_chooser in font-awesomeincludesclass-fontawesome.php on line 1623

Love this plugin!

By puciriusanikola on December 29, 2021

Just as the name implies - awesome plugin! I use it for all of the pages & posts on my site & the icons are super easy to add with the Visual Composer website builder frontend editor. Would recommend checking it out!

Just works, quick and simple

By themightyant on September 21, 2021

Allowed simple linking to my pro kits on Font Awesome. Simple and quick to use.

updated: refunded me

By streater3000 on August 9, 2021

Update: They refunded me after issues so I revised my rating. I do hope they update their Pro service. Original review below. I upgraded to Pro because I thought it would speed up my site with their SVGs and the kit. My site load time went from 8 seconds to 20 seconds! If I deactivate the plugin to remove FA my site loads in 3 seconds. I know HTML and CSS so I know what I am doing here. I have spent 2 months trying to figure out their documentation when I can figure out other programming languages in a couple days. The documentation is vague and not intuitive. Their customer support is equally as bad with one sentence answers that don't answer the question. I think I might just go without icons to speed up might site. I want my money back!

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