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Fast Velocity Minify

Improve your speed score on GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools and Google PageSpeed Insights by adjusting CSS and JS files (defer, async, minify, combine, etc), …
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HTML, CSS & JS optimization plugin for developers and advanced users. Note you need to look into the HELP tab after installing the plugin and manually configure it for your site. Each site is different, so the default recommendations may or may not work for you and you will need to test and find out how to adjust your settings.

Raul Peixoto  
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Great cache tools

By nicolasvsedeco on June 18, 2023

Great plugin to compress and cache html/js/css easily

Good support

By jtwoody on September 14, 2022

Issues experienced with Uncode theme causing database to bloat. Developer offered helpful advice.

Great! Exactly what I have been looking for

By Sunny (frdmsun) on July 18, 2022

Tried them all. The results, simplicity and unobtrusiveness of this plugin makes it the winner. Thank you!

Compatibily Issue with PHP 8.1

By yasin939 on March 5, 2022

Plugin has got compatibility issues with PHP 8.1 Issue: ICONS break on the website and is replaced with some weird characters. Example Icons: Basket ICON / Down arrow / Wish list Heart Icon etc. Issue is after upgrading PHP from 8.0 to 8.1 (stable release). If plugin is deactivated with PHP 8.1 icons return to their normal view. Enable it and converts icons to weird characters again. Reverted back PHP to 8.0 and it works perfectly fine. Can this be fixed as in order to stay inline with the latest stable PHP releases, please?

Broke site

By zo1234 on August 19, 2021

Broke site as soon as I activated it. Neato. I read in other reviews that the plugin author said 'it's meant for advanced users' and 'manually adjust settings'. 1) Well that should be in big bold words on the plugin page 2) You should put more emphasis on guiding users through the process 3) That's a great way to make a plugin less popular, since this is a frontend facing product, where your average user isn't tech savvy. A successful plugin will cater to the dumbest of the dumbest people who are also in a rush. Most people aren't tech-savvy and just want to push 'activate', click on a few recommended settings, and go. People shouldn't have to read up documentation just for a freakin plugin. It's up to the WP plugin author to make that possible, not the users. Or don't, and let a better competitor come along who does. This is why the customer is always right. Because better competition will always come along and they'll just switch to them. A lot of cynical IT people will say "user error" or "you're lazy" or "you're retarded" lol. No, it's that business owners have 100 other things - which are usually more profitable and higher ROI - to focus on, and plugins not working shouldn't be one of them.

Why doesn't it work with Yoast?

By shoplifter on July 17, 2021

Installed it and was impressed because it seemed to make my sites visibly faster. They were probably faster because it disables Yoast title rewrites. I tried a few configuration changes but I couldn't get it to work with Yoast and I had to remove it. I hope these issues can be fixed because FVM very promising.

Broke two sites I maintain

By arbpen on April 30, 2021

This plugin seriously broke two sites I maintain. The sites are unrelated and not on the same servers. I spent the better part of two days on calls with tech support and Googling for ways to solve obscure error log messages about premature end of script errors. The tech's at the hosting company were stumped and basically gave up. I disabled ALL plugins and brought them back one by one - until this one trashed the site yet again - with a 500 server error which mysteriously goes away on a refresh. I know this is supposed to be a good plugin. I've used it before without any problems but now - now I'm going to write a sticky note to remind myself NOT to install this plugin again. Now, because I know this is a good plugin for a lot of people, I would be happy to help debug and beta test to find out why it failed to miserably for me and I'm sure others.

Great plugin

By Irina (irinashl) on April 25, 2021

Thank you so much for the new 3.1.5 release. It was PSI 97/100, and now it's 99/100 !!! Of course, apart from using FVM, a lot of work has been done to optimize the site. But the Fast Velocity Minify plugin helped a lot. Thank you, good luck!

Very bad

By hellehelle on March 25, 2021

Try to deinstalle it, once you have installed it. And no i did not deinstalle it by saving the fvm configuration. Broke the site it is all what it does. Not possible to take it down again

Amazing Speed Scores

By davidwjw on March 3, 2021

I have been trying for ages to get my speed scores good on Google. Especially mobile speed. This plugin has done it! I use this plugin with The7 Theme which has integration. Please keep this plugin alive! Thanks Raul for your work.

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