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Export All URLs

This plugin enables you to extract information such as Title, URL, Categories, Tags, Author, as well as Published and Modified dates for built-in post …
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This plugin will add a page called “Export All URLs” under Tools. You can navigate there and can extract data from your site. You can export Posts:

Atlas Gondal  
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Perfect Plugin

By David Foreman (davros20) on September 21, 2023

Does everything I need - use it on nearly every site to get the URL structure down into Google Sheets. Saves me a lot of time.

Easy, fast, and effective.

By llregimbald on September 20, 2023

This is exactly what I needed to create a list of posts and pages for the very large website that I moderate that has thousands of pages and posts for a website that's over a decade old.
I was able to adjust the dates I needed to extract the data from, as well as by author, category, tag, and more.
It was super simple to use and understand, and get the information I needed quickly.

Great solution!

By fineproxy.de (burunduk) on September 4, 2023

Very easy to work with. Collected all needed URLs from my website in seconds

Quick & Easy Tool

By jtr02a on August 22, 2023

This was a quick and easy way to export all my WP site's URLs. Thanks!

Perfecly Help For Creating 301 Redirect And Permalink Migration

By Balkis Anton Nurohman (balkisanton) on August 13, 2023

I'm stuck with permalink migration from /postname/ to /category/postname/, but after find this plugin I helped a lot to create a redirection fast with excel and added it to server blocks

Thanks so much, you saved my life :D

So helpful!

By franchiseurpbm on May 6, 2023


very useful

By colt99 on March 29, 2023

Just works as intended simple

Plugin works well, but...

By alekmitch on December 14, 2022

The plugin is doing what's intended, I just don't know how to export URLs by the date they're published. It always arranges them alphabetically. I tried many times looking at settings but haven't found an option for this.

Very handy

By zondar on October 19, 2022

Real handy plugin - for instance if you want to sort through some posts when not online - or maybe client wants to modify or delete some posts. Just one (essential) mod would be: Make Post Status buttons multichoice, instead of exclusive/single option, because I'd be unlikely to review posts already in trash. Also, where is the TMP export file stored (until you manually delete it) ?

Very good

By luan7805 on August 11, 2022

Exactly what I was looking for, a plugin to export a listing of posts

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