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Events Manager

Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management
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Events Manager is a full-featured event registration plugin for WordPress based on the principles of flexibility, reliability and powerful features!

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Broke full page

By softwaregarten on September 20, 2023

Brokes my full page. Not compatible with the actual elementor!

Lots of issues. For now, steer clear of the premium version!

By Harris O. (Hfort) on September 14, 2023

The calendar boasts remarkable flexibility and several advantages; however, due to the numerous significant issues and the lack of adequate support, I would strongly advise against opting for the premium version. I would gladly reconsider my evaluation if these concerns are addressed and improvements are made.

Here are some specific issues:

  1. Limited Support: The premium version lacks a dedicated support ticket system. Instead, it relies on a forum for issue reporting, which typically results in a minimum 3-day response time, often claiming no issue exists. It takes an extended period, sometimes up to 10 days, to establish that an issue indeed exists, and even then, the escalation process seems questionable. The forum contains numerous unresolved complaints, including major issues pending for months.
  2. Understaffed and Lack of Client Care: It appears that managing the premium plugin is treated as a part-time endeavor, resulting in a lack of attention to client needs. With just one support staff and one developer overseeing a premium plugin serving a substantial client base, the situation reflects inadequate commitment. This insufficiency in staff and apparent indifference towards clients often leads to prolonged waiting periods, even for critical issue resolutions, which can extend into months.
  3. Booking Mode Issue: The plugin offers a non-user booking mode, but it fails to send notifications to users when bookings are manually added. This issue has persisted for many months without resolution.
  4. Search Filter Limitations: The search filters are notably restricted, with an inline option that disrupts filters on other pages when activated. This issue, reported months ago, remains unaddressed.
  5. Limited Location Functionality: The plugin's location feature is primarily designed for event directories, rendering it unsuitable for businesses looking to include locations within their premises.
  6. Coding Quality: The HTML/CSS coding quality is subpar, with repeated IDs on the same page and incorrect label assignments and placements in registration forms.
  7. Duplicate Registration Form Inputs: The registration form inputs inexplicably appear twice on the same page—one visible and another replicated, called "em-ticket-booking-template" with a 'display none' style. This issue has been reported but remains unaddressed.
  8. Accessibility Concerns: The calendar and registration forms lack accessibility, making them unsuitable for individuals with disabilities. Screen-readers and keyboard navigation are not supported, which excludes a significant portion of potential users who rely on these features for accessibility.

These concerns collectively diminish the overall usability and reliability of the premium version. These issues must be prioritized and resolved to provide better client satisfaction.

Super buggy, and especially Do NOT buy pro

By JenWebDev (Jenwebdev) on September 13, 2023

This plugin is full of bugs and the pro version is even worse.

On an update they completely broke the calendar display, forcing it to show the mobile version on desktop. The advanced search never worked, and now the main search doesn't work either. You can search once then it's disabled and can't be cleared.

They also broke the payments on pro sometime in the last 3 months, making a site I had in development need launching without their booking system. It appears the PayPal is also broken and has been for over a month as well.

Support requests can take up to a month to get a response, and even if someone responds, it's just to say they'll look into it. Sometimes they say they will escalate it to the devs, but then there is never any further reply. I have not seen a single issue resoved in the 6 months I've been trying.

Completely unacceptable. It gets 2 stars because it does display events.

It's great.

By duchu81 on August 15, 2023

It help me a lot!

Comprehensive events plugin

By dynafish on August 15, 2023

We've used this plugin on a number of sites with excellent results. It's very configurable and can be used in many different scenarios. In our opinion Event Manager is more comprehensive than competitors' offerings and is a great solution for most requirements. The Pro addon gives even more functionality and we feel is well worth the investment.

A complete solution

By psytanium on August 15, 2023

Lots of available settings and flexibility to customize, a leap forward in event reservation plugins

Great product and support

By skeasley on August 9, 2023

We've been using Event Manager Pro for a few years now, to provide a way for our students to book on to courses and gradings, and to integrate with our own custom membership plug in.

The application itself is feature rich and well laid out, with comprehensive documentation and very responsive support... questions tend to be answered very quickly, even when the root of the issue (as so often seems to be the case!) has been something that I've done wrong!

Bewertung Event Manager

By Magischer Anzeiger (magischeranzeiger) on August 2, 2023

Der Event Manager war einfach einzurichten und bietet alle Funktionen, die ich für meinen Veranstaltungskalender benötige.


By axel0nzr on July 19, 2023


Ok, but would be better with more date variants

By pieter (Pieter) on July 13, 2023

In many cases it would be handy if it accepts variants like specific dates for recurrent events. Now it says 'every two weeks' for example. So if you have ten events and one has a deviant date, you can't use recurrent events and have to put them in one by one. :-/

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