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Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Envira Photo Gallery

Envira Gallery is the fastest, easiest to use WordPress image gallery plugin. Lightbox with Drag & Drop builder that helps you create beautiful ga …
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Gallery Plugin

Envira Gallery Team  
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Very cool plug in

By gozermax on September 29, 2023

I use it in the articles to show any photos posted in it, very simple to use.


By wmercer on September 19, 2023

Seems to work fine!

awesome tool

By judahm2 on September 17, 2023

Super easy to use

Great tool

By revancherm on September 4, 2023

New to WordPress, but found this widely-touted tool in my first few days. It has been critical to developing the site I envisioned. Thank you.

Does Its Job

By equusnigerweb on August 29, 2023

This is exactly what I needed in the interim and will most probably carry on using it in the long term, simple, and easy to use with the classic editor!

Dont Trust Your Business with them!

By johnlerner on August 18, 2023

Don't get frustrated at Envira, instead of fixing the issue, they will shut your business down!

What a horrible company Envira is. Their Customer support are rude, and careless.

Important thing to know, if they get angry because you complain, They will just ban your website, making it useless.

I don't know about you, but that is not a company I want to trust.

Installed fresh version of WordPress.

And only their script. I asked them what theme to use.

Their #1 Recommended theme does not work with their script properly.

After wasting numerus hours, frustrated, complaining, no response.

I had to hire a tech and pay him to fix it.

He found that Envira Gallery does not work with that theme!

We got a new theme, finally got the site 100% running and finished,

But Envira decided to shut down my website, even knowing it was now 100% done.

I lost a whole week of work, and money I paid the tech.

Yes I got to be rude with them, after 50 wasted hours!. But I also sent apologies the next day.

I also said the website is done and I wont contact their support team anymore.

They did not care, they are Vindictive people, they shut down my site anyway!

Fast, Easy, and Looks Great

By dustyhale on August 12, 2023

I needed a fast way to get an attractive gallery on a wp site to showcase a product. I used the free version to see what is possible and now that I have used it and see that it works well, I will be purchasing the pro version.

Great Gallery Plugin

By rshrayer on August 9, 2023

Great Gallery Plugin

Nicely put together gallery app.

By entrancement on August 3, 2023

Would love to be able to change the background colour, but I guesss that's what the paid version is for. ;)

Even so, the free version presents images in a really attractive way.



By ladenabough on July 19, 2023

Easy to use and quite convenient

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