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Enhanced Media Library

The plugin will be handy for those who need to manage a lot of media files.
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The plugin will be handy for those who need to manage a lot of media files.

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By andrewmackay on December 1, 2022

I use this on multiple sites. It saves a huge amount of time sorting through images. It probably does more but that's well worth the price.

RIP off

By foodtravel on July 22, 2022

I bought the Pro version but I didn't get the license and after 2 weeks writing emails I give up on this. This is just a nepp. Worst customer support ever!


By dmsr on July 22, 2022

Extension installée sur tous les sites que j'utilise où il faut éditer en masse les images, pour des raisons de SEO en particulier

Thank you for updating.

By alatena on March 11, 2022

Hi! I am just glad that this wonderful plugin is alive. :) Heers.

Pro Version - Awesome

By imincognito on January 11, 2022

Super intuitive enhancement to the core media library: - conforms to WP UX standards. - easily supports all taxonomies from Media Library Asst and any other folder/category vendor, so it's perfect for cross-plugin category and tag management. The pro version bulk edit pays for itself in one bulk edit session. I won't quote price and terms here, but this vendor's premium price model is the fairest I've seen for any vendor in the media library group. Support is direct from the vendor and I've never had to wait more than a few hours for a response. Overall - the best media library and taxonomy manager I've used for WordPress.

Responsive support and time saver

By betterts on August 26, 2021

I use this plugin to auto-generate lists of file downloads by category. Very useful for organizations with lots of committees, reports, and meeting minutes. This isn't built in yet, but they offer some suggestions in their FAQ that helped as I was writing my own shortcode function. Support was very quick to respond to my one small complaint and made updates with changes.

Terrific Support

By ntjlc on August 14, 2021

I am writing this review on 14 August 2021. I made multiple requests and the technical support was provided within 24 hours. One issue required an update to the plugin. That was provided the next day. The support is terrific.

Definitely not compatible with WP 2.8

By neekoola on July 31, 2021

Do not update if you're not sure. This version makes scrolling medias impossible under WP2.8. Have to desactivate tu use my galley. Hoping an udpate soon.

Good plugin, but slow support

By c.walter ([email protected]) on July 28, 2021

When the plugin works, it works perfectly and suits my needs. But when a new WordPress version comes out, it's the second time that the plugin has some bugs, and it just takes too long for a new version to come along. The annyoing thing is, that the developper doesn't write anything (for example "I am aware of the problem and will provide a fix in the next days"), so one just doesn't know if it will be fixed or not.

Error wordpress 5.8

By acggp on July 26, 2021

Muy buen plugin, pero en la versión 5.8 de wordpress es un desastre, por favor solucionenlo

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