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Elementor Custom Skin

Create new skins for Elementor PRO 3.x page builder. Design your own skins for Post and Post Archive Widgets using Elementor Loop Templates.
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This plugin adds new skin to Elementor Page Builder Posts and Posts Archive widget.

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No support, SCAM on Pro

By Zak Single (zaksingle) on January 13, 2023

As others have said, multiple bugs with no support. Purchased pro too and their is NO support/reply to emails.


it's superb plugin

By techpd on August 6, 2022

Can you please add on slider for user can upload custom slide nav icons

Great plugin but seriously needs to be updated to recent versions of WordPress

By Simeon Taiwo (simeontaiwo) on June 26, 2022

We need the people behind this plugin to really become active in the community. Been a while since an update happened. It's an amazing plugin but can we trust using it on the long-term?

Great plugin

By saadkkhan on June 17, 2022

Its a great plugin that allows you to create a custom archive post template. Awesome.

Pure Genius!

By fr33lanc3r on June 7, 2022

This concept is genius, and should be part of the default Elementor page builder. THANK YOU for developing this.

Works great, love it

By mayuratthem on May 13, 2022

Fixes the main limitation of Elementor. Even the free version is more than enough.

Holding Elementor Features Hostage is a $hitty way to try to get paid

By susan0o on May 6, 2022

Your plugin might be decent but it makes me super angry every time I try to add pagination to my post blocks. How dare you TAKE AWAY functionality from Elementor? That they just added no less. Ive been waiting for them to add proper ajax to that widget for years, and your stupid plugin would just take that away thinking that would actually make someone want to pay you? Super lame. Stand on your own added features. Added load time is insane too for anyone reading. Don't mess with this plugin. There are other ones that add loops without being scammers. And its high time Elementor added custom loops and shut down plugins like this altogether. After ten years of using Wordpress I added an account here just because of how infuriating this plugin is....

Increases load times up to 5-10x

By danielcroitor on May 2, 2022

So basically, how this plugin works is that it loads the elementor template for each element you want to bring in the page.If let's say you want a slider with 10 products it loads the template 10 times. I bought the premium version to get access to the other elements but I didn't know how much it bloats the site. I have a shop where I added sliders with my product categories (around 8 categories with 10 products each). On 1Gbs wifi it takes around 10seconds to load the page with caching, premium Litespeed, Cloudinary Subscription and Cloudfront Premium CDN... As a test I duplicated the page, I added the same products and categories but without the plugin and load speed is somewhere 1.2-1.5 seconds. Really, really disappointing. I am looking for a different solution tbh...

Broke the site, with New Update Of Elementor

By wasisafi on April 15, 2022

Broke My site With New update of Elementor

Great plug in

By teunrompa on April 13, 2022

Does what it says, lots of options even for the free version!

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