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Easy Social Icons

Upload your own social media icons or choose from font-awesome. Use widget|shortcode to place icons anywhere(sidebar, header, footer, page) in theme.
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You can upload your own social icon or font-awesome social icons, set your social URL, choose whether you want to display vertically or horizontally, left or right or center aligned, icon width height or margins.

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Fantastic Plugin

By TheFryingPan on February 27, 2023

Fantastic and easy to use, with many good options, love it. The plugin works fine on Wordpress 6.1.x Many thanks.

Problem About Title

By tatoline on October 19, 2022

I'm using the plugin but there are some problems tbh. For example, I cannot edit the icon's title properly. I write "Instagram" and save it, it saves as "instagram" (not capital i/I). Also, I try to write "Instagram | @myinstagramusername", and it saves as "instagram-myinstagramusername". I had to change in phpMyAdmin to save the title properly. The second problem, I couldn't change the bar background color in the admin panel. Yes, I can change the icon's background color or icon colors, but not the bar color. So I had to write custom CSS code to do that. Besides these, this is a good and simple plugin. Thanks to the developer.

Really Pleased!

By jenwebb on March 29, 2022

This plugin is simple and to the point and exactly what I need without a whole bunch of BS. It's one of the few that lets you upload your own custom icon images without having to pay for a pro version. Lightweight, user-friendly interface, fully functional. Good job!

Perfect for Displaying Social Icons

By (firefly2000) on October 5, 2021

This is an excellent plugin that fully deserves 5 stars. Not only is it easy to use for clients; it is also very easy for developers to customize. With just the tiniest bit of PHP knowledge, you can make it do anything you want, which I love. I was able to get my customized icons displaying on my site in less than 10 minutes.


By matteo raggi (whichtransfers) on September 11, 2021

I like it, it looks to be the best!

Plugin works wonderfully!

By jlking3 on June 10, 2021

It is easy to share all my social media pages with this plugin. My PageSpeed score remains at 100/100, so it doesn't harm your bandwidth. The worst problem it caused was adding an extra download of FontAwesome, which I was able to prevent with another plugin. Well worth the download! No need to try other plugins.

Very good and perfect plugin

By krishgarg on June 3, 2021

Very good and perfect plugin. It is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Best social icon plugin I have tried!

By Richard Rottman (RickRottman) on May 1, 2021

It does exactly what you want it to do, it puts linked icons on your site. Where does it put them? Wherever you publish the shortcode. The plugin provide the php code if you'd rather hardcode it into the theme. Lastly, the plugin creates a widget that you can just grab & drag to a widget area. I put the shortcode in a text widget on the sidebar. What I appreciate the most about this plugin is you configure it in the sidebar menu tree, not the widget itself. I'm old fashioned I guess. I don't like configuring stuff inside a widget. To sum it all up, if you are searching for the perfect social icon plugin, congratulations, your search is over.


By pablopiano on January 21, 2021

I tried so hard to find a customizable plugin like this one. Thanks!

Really awesome plugin!

By KATREyuk on December 21, 2020

Excellent plugin where you can create a set of all your social accounts for your website.

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