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Download Manager

This File Management & Digital Store plugin will help you to control file downloads & sell digital products from your WP site.
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WordPress Download Manager is a plugin that allows you to manage and control file downloads on your WordPress site. You can set passwords and user roles to control access, limit the number of downloads per user, and even block unwanted users or bots. It also offers an e-commerce solution for selling digital products, with features such as pricing options, cart and checkout, and order management.

W3 Eden, Inc.  

Efficient File Management

Easily manage, track, and control file downloads from your WordPress site with WordPress Download Manager. Password protection, user roles, and download speed control ensure secure and efficient file management.

Complete e

Commerce Solution - Sell digital products effortlessly with WordPress Download Manager. Set prices, offer license-based pricing, and provide a seamless checkout experience. Increase sales and ensure successful order completion with the easiest checkout option.

Advanced File Protection

Keep your files secure with WordPress Download Manager's advanced features. Block bots and spammers with Captcha Lock and IP Block. Control who can access downloads with password protection and restrict downloads based on user roles.

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Get some better support reps

By infernoprime on September 22, 2023

I went over to WP Download Manager's forum and had quite the excruciating time to get the support agent to understand my point of view so that we could work out a solution. But I don't think they even wanted to understand any other view but their own. Free products are nice, but if you want support from a place like this, be ready to go through quite the ordeal.


By jesussidn on September 11, 2023

We bought the pro version of the plugin to make a simple system of downloading a pdf after payment by paypal, the configuration was completely indecipherable. I contacted support and it took about a month to answer me, he apologized for the delay but then the support was worse than the plugin itself, I did not solve anything and it was not possible to configure it so that in a simple way the process was done, I asked for our money back and they made a thousand excuses for not doing so, in my opinion they are thieves scammers, do not use this product. We had to uninstall it and use the 'Paid Memberships Pro' and it took us minutes to get it configured and running, I have nothing to do with this last plugin but it makes me very angry the impotence that generates that they ignore you in this way and not being able to do anything about it.

Conflict with Avada theme

By geektasticdad on September 1, 2023

This is a decent plugin but unfortunately when I activated it all my modal's broke. So unfortunately I cannot use it.

Satisfying plugin and supporrt

By alccad on August 8, 2023

I am not a coder, so sometimes I need support to purchase the correct add-ons or for short codes. The plugin is one of the most complete so far and when I needed support, I must say it is not always straight to the fix, but I was helped to find a specific fix for my website and not just a generic support. I am satisfied.

Does what it say

By acuarel on August 7, 2023

It simply does what it say. No bullshit.
Good work guys.

Excellent plugin and support

By (gdrjm) on August 1, 2023

Plugin easy to use and customize, good support providing quick solution.

Excellent plugin and support

By hypesol on July 11, 2023

I used this plugin for my website this is easy to customize and have very good features in free version. Also support is very fast and providing quick solution.

Excellent support

By Emily (cleanup) on July 8, 2023

This is a great plugin - it does the job well. And when I need help, I can go to the forums and get the answers I need.

Larceny with Auto-Renewal

By Brian Ceccarelli (ceccareb) on June 23, 2023

While the software works well, the people at WPDownloadManager hides the information that it takes to cancel auto-renewal. There is no button on the order page to "cancel" auto-renewal. There are no instructions either. After searching a blog, you find that you have to send an email requesting to cancel. In the time you take researching and WPDownloadManager not responding, your subscription renews. WPDownloadManager will not issue a refund. That when disputing the bill with Citibank, WPDownloadManager lies to Citibank telling Citibank of its Terms and Policies, which one cannot navigate to on WPDownloadManager's site.

While the software is good, the auto-renewal policy is larceny. Larceny is the "act of withholding information in order to secure payment."

Very good plugin

By roicecz on June 21, 2023

Very good support

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