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Ditty – Responsive News Tickers, Sliders, and Lists

Ditty offers a range of content display options, including its signature news ticker and customizable layouts.
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Ditty, formerly known as Ditty News Ticker, is a multi-functional content display plugin for WordPress while still offering its signature “News Ticker” functionality. Effortlessly showcase your latest blog posts or custom content through multiple display options, including the classic News Ticker, Slider, and List. Enhance your site by adding more content sources and display options through extensions, enabling you to present RSS feeds, social media, image galleries, custom post types, and more through the included displays or additional display extensions like grid and carousel. Discover the enhanced capabilities of Ditty while maintaining its prowess as a reliable “News Ticker” solution.

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Great support

By mintedweb on August 11, 2023

Great support from developer.

Great but........

By Topknotch on July 21, 2023

Adding a news ticker should be soo simple but this is soooo complicated!
We just want to change the font size of the actual scroller but there is no option, looked for around an hour and nothing. Can change the font size 'Header' but not the actual ticker. Cannot change it via css as it is constantly scrolling so cannot inspect it!
Happy to remove the negative review if I am missing something.
Just make it simpler and 5 stars!

So complicated as to be unusable

By PumpaXXL on July 11, 2023

I am grateful for this plugin. The ticker is interesting on the page, it attracts attention, sometimes I use it. But with the last major update, the plugin became almost unusable. I've been making websites for over 20 years, but I've probably never encountered something so user-unfriendly. Finding the right place to set up anything means going through all the menus and submenus and searching and searching and searching. It's just a strip for crying out loud. Have you heard of using a mosquito cannon? My next step is to ask ChatGPT for a simple css.

Great Plugin

By Abdul Basit (abdulbasit575) on June 19, 2023

Brilliant plugin and support is amazing!
I get all features that are required for my work.

Plugin Author extremely responsive and helpful!

By cuttimemusic on May 8, 2023

I had an issue where Ditty wasn't working on my site, turns out there was an obscure issue with GoDaddy's configuration that the author helped me with. Completely above and beyond and fixed my entire site. TYVM!!!

Great and regularly maintained plugin with great support

By knubew on May 6, 2023

The free "Ditty" plugin is excellent and offers so many other possible uses beyond a normal ticker function that basically nothing is left to be desired.

What I would like to emphasize as particularly positive is that the plugin author maintains and improves the plugin very actively and regularly.

In addition, the Plugin Author also provides fast and outstanding support if you should have any problems. I have only had positive experiences in this regard and can only warmly recommend this plugin.

Great Plugin

By cj1960us on May 4, 2023

Ran across this plugin a few weeks ago. Lightweight, easy to create and format the ticker. Easy to use in a page or post, and very easy to update your Ditty file or display on the fly. Also, they are quick to fix issues with the plugin.

Great plugin, great developer. You can't go wrong with this plugin.

Elegant Solution

By wetwp on April 20, 2023

Ditty provides an elegant solution for expanding the relevance of your site to a broader audience. So many news aggregation tools are overly busy...bordering on gaudy...and limit the scope of creativity in how they layout or display on your site. After working with Ditty for only a short while, it became very clear that great thought has gone into designing it as a suitable tool for augmenting your brand...and for avoiding the pitfalls inherent in careless presentation of content aggregations from third-party sites.

The free tool is amazing in its own right, but I can also highly recommend the commercial extensions. Ditty RSS, Ditty Posts, Ditty Twitter, Ditty Image, and Ditty Grid are all indispensable in my workflows, and have made an easy argument to "Ditty Everything".

Tools are a dime a dozen, even good ones that make simple work easy and difficult work possible, but stand-outs rise to the surface on the shoulders of great customer service. The Ditty Team is responsive, friendly, and goes above-and-beyond to ensure their users get value from their tools. Top-notch experience all the way around.

Excellent! Ditty does everything we need.

By wildlife77 on April 20, 2023

Great product. Great support.

Brilliant plugin, and support is amazing!

By macey79 on April 20, 2023

I've been using this plugin for a few years now, on multiple sites and it's been amazing. Easy to use and set up, and if there has ever been any issues the support has been great, very fast with responding to emails and normally if I cannot fix the issue then the developer has rolled out an update within a day fixing any problems. I would highly recommend this plugin, top marks on the work and support.

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