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A simple and lightweight plugin to disable XML-RPC API, X-Pingback and pingback-ping in WordPress 3.5+ for a faster and more secure website
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Protect your website from xmlrpc brute-force attacks,DOS and DDOS attacks, this plugin disables the XML-RPC and trackbacks-pingbacks on your WordPress website.

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By elmo2000 on August 14, 2023

My whole site crashed . 500 server error. (.htacces failure) Unistalled, found another solution. 


By ajaxy12 on June 9, 2023

Could you please add capability to exclude spesific domain names from Disable Hotlinking and Leaching of Your Content section?

We want to show some of our content on other webiste via iframe


By ben2358723823567 on May 29, 2023

WARNING! This extension will sneakily inject obfuscated yanz backdoor PHP scripts in your document root and will hijack your Wordpress site. THREE of my customers websites were hacked this week and the ONLY extension that they all have in common that recently got installed is Disable XML-RPC-API. They literally have nothing else in common and they don't know each other nor use the same theme nor even the same Wordpress release. BE WARNED.

Spammy admin notices. Bye Bye.

By jaywalker999 on February 13, 2023

Any plugin that shoves global notices on every admin page to cross promote their other plugins, can have a one star review and get uninstalled. Bye.


By asmod2a on December 19, 2022

Slow the website and can't be delete !

cannot delete

By homewise1 on December 1, 2022

Tracky plugin that u cannot delete it on the dashboard. Finally I have to do it on my Cpanel

Crashed my site

By ducsd on November 29, 2022

The whole site crashed just after activation. 500 server error. Unistalled, found another solution. However, the support is prompt and nice.

The Best XML RPC !!

By maximeaboit on October 16, 2022

The best plugin to disable my problem to connect with WordPress App

Solved the problem

By michael776655 on October 13, 2022

Simply find, install & activate, Nothing else to do

Very good plugin

By arie007 on March 18, 2022

Good work for protecting site.

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