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Disable Emojis (GDPR friendly)

This plugin disables the new WordPress emoji functionality. GDPR friendly.
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This plugin disables the new WordPress emoji functionality. GDPR friendly.

Ryan Hellyer  
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Thorough and concise

By Walf (wallfur) on May 29, 2023

No settings, just works.

Performance increase

By Huckleberry (helijobs) on October 8, 2022

Tested with PageSpeed Insights.

I love it!

By mahyulan on October 3, 2021

Simple, lightweight and just doing the job! Thanks.

Works like a charm

By Robert (metbril) on March 1, 2021

No more loading from external sites. I'd like to self-host everything! Tested with 5.6.2

Works as expected!

By emilioborraz on December 30, 2020

It works perfectly!

does exactly what it is supposed to do without bloat

By ctra on October 21, 2020

Other plugins pretending to remove emojis only do it partially or come with tons of extra (to be paid) functionality, nagging for a pro update all the time. also thanks a lot for the super fast feedback to bump version for current compatibility level!

Works well

By codebot on November 27, 2019

Simple but effective way to reduce WP bloat.


By Roy Orbitson (lev0) on November 19, 2019

No configuration needed. No ads. Does the job.

another remove filter to add to the too long list !

By arena on January 9, 2019

should add this one as well ! remove_action( 'embed_head', 'print_emoji_detection_script' );

Why the fsck do I need this plugin just to remove obnoxious emoticons?

By Andreas (westzipfler) on January 2, 2019

Simple. Does what it claims to do. Something that should be right in the core of WP, if you ask me. Or rather: this whole emoji sh...ing should be optional, a plugin or something, anyway. Thank you for this disabler.

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