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Disable Comments

Disable Comments – easy tool to disable comments for your blog posts, and pages. Admin can disable comments in just a few clicks.
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Disable Comments Plugin it’s a tool for the admin to fully disable comments on your website. Our plugin globally disables commenting on all posts, pages, and attachments. It removes all comment-related features and options. All related items will be removed from Dashboard, Widgets, and Admin menu. Ours disable comments plugin uses a smart algorithm and for basic usage, you need to install and enable it. It’s simple and powerful.

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A+ plugin

By nomishi on April 29, 2023

Very easy to use and helpful solution for the comments management!

Very helpful and simple plugin

By Jacke D (dupersuperjacke) on April 24, 2023

Thank you for such simple and very effective disable commnets plugin! Just few clicks and all done!

Thank you! Very helpful!

By Dave Mont (fontano77mont) on March 18, 2023

Very simple and very hlepful plugin. This is best solution which do exactly what I needed. Comments was disabled in one click. Thank you!

Very simple and effective

By DerricksWebStudio (derricksweb) on December 19, 2022

Very nice and effective disable comments plugin! Simple and fast configuration.

Great plugin

By hugo017 on May 4, 2022

This plugin is the best. Very simple and nice.

Works as intended

By Gregorius (gregoriusrs) on March 24, 2022

No problems with the plugin

Nice and simple

By cawood on March 8, 2022

Thank you for such simple and very helpful plugin!

Update introduced ads

By thunderousbefriend on February 3, 2022

An update added a new root-level menu item, which basically just serves to market other plugins irrelevant to me and my clients. The plugin used to be lightweight and serve a single purpose. I have since gone ahead and removed it from all sites, as I absolutely despise so drastic changes to plugins, keep is simple please. Oh and, please don't bother with your copy-paste response "it was requested by multiple persons" a quick search in the wordpress.org forums reveals that is a lie.

Once subtle, now in the admin menu's root

By Ludwig C. on January 24, 2022

It still does a great job but since the last update it is located prominent with lots of adds in the admin's main menu. It's okay and reasonable when plugin developers try to earn money for their work. But for a 'small tool' like this it's ways to bothersome for me in the root of the admin menu with the big, green coloured icon. That's why we've decided to move it from there to the old place by adding the following code to our custom plugin (or the theme's functions.php).

 * Remove the RB Plugins menu (of Disable Comments RB) in the admin menu.
 * and create a new submenu for this plugin in the settings menu.
add_action( 'admin_menu', function() {
    $title = __('Disable Comments', 'disable-comments-rb');
        array(Rbs_Disable_Comments::get_instance(), 'options')
}, 100 );

Stop putting settings in the main menu

By Hypolythe on January 13, 2022

Moving the settings to the main menu was a bad idea, goodbye plugin.

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