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Customizer Export/Import

Easily export or import your WordPress customizer settings!
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Plugin Information

Customizer Export/Import The Customizer Export/Import plugin allows you to export or import your WordPress customizer settings from directly within the customizer interface! If your theme makes use of the WordPress customizer for its settings, this plugin is for you!

The Beaver Builder Team  
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By Supje on April 11, 2023

1, 2, 3, done!

It's ok, not that good with Kirki

By wowthemesnet on March 18, 2023

It doesn't completely exports Kirki customizations but thank you for this plugin and your effort!

Excellent plugin. Does what it promises.

By deazoer on August 20, 2022

Thanks for providing this great plugin. It worked like a charm.

Works great!

By wpexplorer (WPExplorer) on May 2, 2022

Does what it's supposed to and follows WP coding standards ;)

This should be in the core WP tools!

By TrishaM on January 26, 2022

Awesome plugin, simple and does exactly what it says, allows you to export and then import all Theme customizations when switching form a parent theme to a child theme - this saved me hours of work! Kudos and huge thanks to the Beaver Builder development team :-)

Works wonderfully

By Topher (topher1kenobe) on December 30, 2021

I'm deeply grateful to the Beaver Builder team for making this plugin, it's an absolute life saver.


By mafudelaptu on October 13, 2021

You saved me some hours of my live. Thanks

Excellent - Custom css and customizer settings

By bloup on October 11, 2021

This plugin is excellent. It exports both the customizer settings of any themes and its CSS customization! It is SOOOOO GREAT

Works well

By acurran on September 28, 2021

Very handy and easy to use!

Does what it's supposed to and does it pretty well!

By Pixelbart (pixelbart) on August 5, 2021

Occasionally it happens that you change your theme or forget the child theme and have already set everything in the Customizer. With Customizer Export/Import you can quickly export the settings in the Customizer before a theme change and import them again after the theme change. Works fine if the theme was also built properly. Works with all premium themes from MadrasThemes, so I can highly recommend both in combination. Thanks for the plugin and please stay healthy all!

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