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"Crop Thumbnails" made it easy to get exacly that specific image-detail you want to show in your featured image or gallery image.
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The plugin provides the functionality to adjust the crop region of cropped images. It add buttons to the edit-pages and media-dialog to access a crop-editor. In the crop-editor you can choose one or more (if they have the same ratio) imagesizes and cut-off the part of the image you want.

Volkmar Kantor  
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Really great plugin

By cezaro on June 13, 2023

+ easy to use

+ very useful plugin

+ nice support

great plugin

By yikai on May 30, 2023

easy to use

Incredibly Useful with One Caveat

By hotnewfilm on May 2, 2023

I've been using this plugin for years and I generally have only great things to say about it. Since the last update, though, a resize grid appears over the image you want to crop that you then have to adjust from every direction to your liking. There's no longer the functionality to click anywhere on the image and create your own image crop. A minor nuisance in the grand scheme of things, but not having this old reliable option anymore does make cropping a bit more time-consuming.

simple and very useful !

By panonski on July 25, 2022

I love this kind of plugins.... ... Logical, simple to use - and in the end of the day - the job is done ! - Someone said - why WP doesn't have it - by default. - Luckily for us - there are people which writing great plugins. - BIG THANK YOU !

Where's the button "This plugin should be native"?

By Bruno Cantuaria (cantuaria) on September 27, 2021

Amazing work on this plugin. It make developers and users life easier creating a handy-way to crop thumbnails in the used sizes across the site.

Very convenient

By cpoakl on May 28, 2021

Easy and most convenient built-in way to deal with custom images crop to fit all theme's images size

Perfect plugin for the job, thanks a lot!

By bjoluc on March 10, 2021

...and has a beautiful intuitive UI as well!

Completely Broke Posts

By kydkaspa on February 5, 2021

Plugin completely broke my posts upon regenerating the large image sizes, some post thumbnails had no image at all while others did, I only had 2 sizes of images, some we're a tall rectangle size while the others we're perfect squares (Taken on 2 separate devices), the posts that broke we're the ones containing the rectangle size which is why I got the plugin to resize into a cropped square of about 500w X 375w so the images could be consistent throughout the site. On the broken posts I could no longer add any new images either as it completely broke the srcset somehow, I apologize for not opening a ticket but I just don't have the time as I need to carry on development. Luckily I made a weekly backup of the site in the morning just before I installed the plugin otherwise I could have lost out on a lot of changes I made prior, or spent a great deal of time trying to fix the posts themselves since I could no longer add images. I'm glad the majority of people have had no issue but make sure you back up your site before installing just to be safe. P.s I'm currently using the twenty twenty theme with 6 other active plugins beside Woocommerce so its highly unlikely there is a plugin conflict. Hope this helps some people as well as the developer. Thanks.

Extremely useful

By jodamo5 on December 22, 2020

This plugin is great! Works really well. Extremely useful.

Fantastic Plugin

By robertdrost on December 4, 2020

Thank you for the great plugin! It helps a lot!

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