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Contact Form 7 – Dynamic Text Extension

This plugin provides additional form tags for the Contact Form 7 plugin. It allows dynamic generation of content for text or hidden input fields using …
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Contact Form 7 - Dynamic Text Extension (DTX) is a WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of Contact Form 7 by allowing dynamic content in contact forms. It provides a wide range of shortcodes that can be used to populate form fields with dynamic values, such as URLs, post IDs, user info, and more. The plugin is also compatible with caching plugins and offers features like readonly form fields and obfuscated values for enhanced privacy.

SevenSpark, AuRise Creative  

Enhanced Contact Forms

Create dynamic contact forms with pre-populated fields pulled from other locations.

Expanded Form Field Options

Add email, URL, phone number, and more to your contact forms.


Friendly and Privacy-Enhanced - Easily calculate dynamic fields after page load and obfuscate values for enhanced privacy.

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Great support: detailed and fast

By Jos Klever (josklever) on August 19, 2023

I don't even use this plugin myself, but on behalf of my clients I had a question today (on a Saturday) and it was answered very fast and detailed by Tessa.

Not only were my questions answered, they also pointed out some extra things to keep an eye on, that I didn't even thought of yet and took my suggestion for improvement in consideration, so they are a perfect example for other support reps. 😃

Simple and useful plugin for CF7, works perfectly

By uaoh on July 21, 2023

Great and useful plugin and great and fast support. After only a few days of reporting a bug, they fixed it and released an update!

Just perfect, lightweight solution...

By Peter (pijag) on July 8, 2023

Thank you so much for this great plugin, which opens up completely new possibilities for the CF7.

Of course, you need to know how to use it, because everyone who used only visual form builders before, may not know what it is at first - just like in the whole CF7 - at first glance it is primitive compared to other plugins of this type, but that's what it is about greatest strength: simplicity, lightness and the possibility of virtually unlimited expansion…

New life

By daymobrew on January 26, 2023

I have been using CF7 DTX since 2016 (my first post about DTX was using it for a refund request form and involved custom shortcodes). Chris of SevenSpark.com wrote a great plugin.

In the very short time since AuRise Creative adopted the plugin a number of very interesting and useful enhancements have been added. This is bringing new life to this plugin (not that it was dying - the core functionality is timeless). Good luck!


By warcher on November 22, 2021

its ok

Works well with shortcodes. Thanks!

By hotwebideas on April 9, 2021

Just what I needed for a CF7 form field to work dynamically with a shortcode. Perfect.

Great extension - I love it!

By ivis24 on February 1, 2021

Thanks for the extension! Everything work very well and it is georgeous!

Good to use

By Darshan (itsdarshanjain) on October 8, 2020

Very useful...!

Works very good and easy!

By Doeye Hof (Doeye) on September 12, 2020

Everybody can be a developer now!! Great work

Hoping For User-based Filling

By guauda on August 24, 2020

Plugin works fine. Was hoping for it to automatically fill the next field based on what the user typed in the text field. E.g What languages do you speak? 1. [text1] 2. [text2] State how well you speak these languages? 1. [text1] 2. [text2]

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