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Constant Contact Forms

The official Constant Contact plugin adds a contact form to your WordPress site to quickly capture information from visitors.
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Please note: Version 2.0.0 of this plugin is a significant release, including both security and feature updates. After updating to version 2.0.0, you will be required to reconnect the plugin to your Constant Contact account & reselect the lists associated with your forms.

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Great when it works

By jasonliv on August 8, 2023

But has issues remaining connected, which is catastrophic if we are attempting to capture potential client details

Don't Waste Your Time

By pilantra42 on June 10, 2023

It does not work. I disabled ALL plugins, changed the theme, and did both at the same time. All I got was a blank screen.

Broken List Management

By markparolisi on June 8, 2023

The 2.0.1 version lost all of our lists. They cannot be re-synced. And we cannot create new lists from within WordPress. Without connections to lists, this plugin is fatally broken. Reverting back to v1


By lesinvis on December 28, 2022

Truly Terrible, Constant Contact


By msdpco on October 2, 2022

I would like to see more rich form design, such as embedding field labels in the field, placement of the submit button, inline with text instead of always on a new line. I would like to be able to use a single line form in my website footer, but you don't seem to have one and your smallest form expands the footer unacceptably. I understand the need for your disclaimer, but perhaps it could be minimized. Your depiction of my lists in the dashboard is incomplete. Fortunately the list of lists for a subscription form is sufficiently complete.

CC plugin for WP only captures email address

By tganey on August 25, 2022

The forms feature that purportedly integrates with WP does only one thing well: capture an email address and put it in whatever CC email list you'd like. What it does not do well is capturing other information (i.e., a custom text field for comments, or a custom text field that may be requesting specific information like "how many adults" for an RSVP-style form). CC support told me I was not using the "official WP CC plugin," which I am! The issue I saw had to do with the opt in check off box that shows at the bottom of the fields. There are now 3 scenarios that I have noticed through testing: 1. If I remove the opt in check off box (as a feature at the bottom of the form) created in the Constant Contact plug in, I receive the email with all the form entries. 2. If I leave the opt in check off box on the form, fill out the form but do not click the check off box, I get nothing (no email with the entries, and of course no opt in for the subscriber). 3. If I leave the opt in check off box on the form, fill out the form and also click the opt in check off box, I get no email with the entries, but I do get an opt in for the subscriber. I am removed the optional check off box because it fouls up the whole purpose of my RSVP form (to gather entered info). What I asked CC but get not get a response, was if the entry data is stored somewhere either within WP or CC. I ask about the possibility of stored data (stored entries) because now I fear that site visitors have been entering data into the form that I have never received. If you know if form entries are stored anywhere, let me know. They do not show anywhere in the CC contact record.

Truly Terrible, Constant Contact

By kbruhlz on July 25, 2022

Constant Contact inline forms look primitive and are complicated to embed. This plugin makes the process even more complicated. I don't suggest this plugin or Constant Contact to anyone.

Form not working

By tughillholistics on July 13, 2022

This form does not work. Have done all the troubleshooting available and entered emails disappear into the abyss.

Crashes website upon activation.

By dogrescuer on June 11, 2022

Making it 100% useless but also 100% annoying.


By username28 on May 31, 2022

This "plugin" is a scam! I've had a reputable third party security company investigate & confirm that they steal users information & access the backend of your site without your permission (for their own gain). I'll be creating a site (ill keep u updated) presenting all the proof to validate my accusations. On a side note they don't implement the most common features for customer campaigns. For example, their double optin user verification email/link is a link that directs users to their own site rather then offering to have you place your own URL. In other words who cares about promoting your own business lets promote "constant contact" instead. Sad considering that they are a third party plugin focused on helping their customers market their site. Everything within their platform is directed towards benefiting themselves first and then their customers. They have the worst customer interface I've seen and to get things done is as complicated as I have ever seen it. If your a beginner I would say please don't waste your time. Customer service is extremely poor. William_D has been nothing but a nightmare. My goal moving forward is to "expose" this "company" as the fraud that they are!

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