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Website Builder by SeedProd — Theme Builder, Landing Page Builder, Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode

Easy Drag & Drop Page Builder. A complete solution to create a WordPress Website, Custom Themes, Landing Pages, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages.
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Plugin Information

SeedProd – Drag & Drop WordPress Website Builder, Landing Page Builder, Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode SeedProd was originally created in 2011 and allowed you to create a Coming Soon Page or a Maintenance Mode Page. You could work on your website in private while visitors see a “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode” page. It still does this and really well!

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تقييمي الشخصي

By rain1spirit on June 2, 2023

انه رائع وسهل الاستخدام شكرا لكم

so helpful!

By serenebabe on June 2, 2023

This plugin is so easy and even the free version offers so many options, I love it!

works well as expected

By HPeterson (SavSiteDesign) on June 2, 2023

works well as expected

Easy Landing Pages

By BJ Harrington (bj78spider) on June 1, 2023

Quick and easy landing pages.

Great Plugin

By edavies on June 1, 2023

Helps out a ton for landing pages and websites coming soon.

Thank You

Very helpfull !

By avantlaurore on May 28, 2023

a good add-on !

Beware of this plugin

By tspnet on May 26, 2023

This plugin in the free version does not allow you to edit the Excluded pages whilst in maintenance mode, so if you ever install a plugin that takes control of your wp-admin and redirects it to a login page for example then this plugin would prevent you from accessing your site you will not be able to access wp-admin, wp-login or a login page.

For example Paid Membership Pro conflicts with this Seedprod out of the box if you have maintenance mode active and install Paid Membership Pro you will not be able to access your site if you logout because Paid Membership Pro redirects your wp-admin to a login page, Seedprod does not allow you to edit the Excluded pages in the free version so you cannot even access the site unless you stop using a login page, I haven't tested other login plugins yet I've only just encountered this issue today and I was locked out of my sites.

Don't worry I have told Paid Membership Pro about this conflict because they shouldn't take control or wp-admin but you should also allow people to edit the Excluded pages in your free version so that this issue can be fixed while still using your plugin, I had to stop using your plugin and go with Lightstart which allows you to edit the Excluded pages with the free version.

Also it's worth noting that Yes this Seedprod Plugin is extremely bloated and wants you to install wp forms to add forms etc, they also take your email from your wordpress and send you marketing emails without permission which is bad!!! You shouldn't be contacting people who haven't requested it with marketing promotions.

Overall One Star because this is a dodgy plugin.


Great for putting wordpress into maintenance mode!

By jasoncollege24 on May 23, 2023

I admit that was the only reason I added this plugin. I was trying to migrate to a new server, and needed to make all my sites unavailable. Wordpress was the only one I couldn't easily do that with, so I went looking for a plugin to do it for me.

SeedProd made it really easy to create, and customize my own maintenance mode page. Activation, and deactivation of the page was also very simple.

Does what it must

By Onlineplaner (Radair2002) on May 23, 2023

very comfortable plugin!

Nice Plugin

By codeexplorer1 on May 22, 2023

Nice plugin. However if steps are defined like step1 step 2 automatically. It will be more easy to customize.

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