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Easy Drag & Drop Page Builder. A complete solution to create a WordPress Website, Custom Themes, Landing Pages, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages.
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SeedProd – Drag & Drop WordPress Website Builder, Landing Page Builder, Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode SeedProd was originally created in 2011 and allowed you to create a Coming Soon Page or a Maintenance Mode Page. You could work on your website in private while visitors see a “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode” page. It still does this and really well!

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Lack of basic functionality

By dmckim on January 28, 2023

Couldn't even replace a background image to something that would honestly represent the clients business, and the plugin was more about trying to grab my email address to spam me than it was about the principle of giving people a tool to create a coming soon page. Not a good impression, especially when there's a trade show deadline for this client. Don't use if your time is valuable.


By mstfsgdc on January 28, 2023

Easy to use, free & looking good!

easy to use

By wortpressender38 on January 26, 2023

Für einen Anfänger wie ich es bin einfach zu nutzen. Macht was es soll :-)

Love it!

By kelan on January 25, 2023

Easy to use and looks great.


By ilonarem on January 21, 2023

<font _mstmutation="1" _msthash="1048346"></font>Security and peace of mind are given by the plugin. I use it with a grateful heart.

The Lite version is more like a demo for the Pro ...

By imagine317 on January 17, 2023

Sorry, but the "Lite" version looks more like a demo for buying the "Pro" version. Most of the features are disabled and almost all the screens prompt to get the "Pro" version! There are just very few things one can do with the "Lite" version ...

I just uninstalled it ...

When a plugin is so limited then instead of naming it "Lite" version it is better to name it "Demo" to save time for yourselves (the developers) and your customers ...

Lovin’ This SeedProd Plugin!

By cassandra2022 on January 10, 2023

-Amazing plugin I use it for all the sites I create!!

Nice plugin; GREAT support

By speake2023 on January 4, 2023

The plugin worked as advertised. Ran into some setup bumps in the road early-on, and the tech support team was quick to help and to fix my problems. I have a support ticket open with another plugin support team and it has sat there for 8 days without a reply. The SeedProd guys, on the other hand, got right on my problem and got everything looking great very quickly.

Plugin has become too extended

By eddiebouncer on January 3, 2023

Always used the plugin for it's simplicity. But nowadays it's too extensive with all options - and even confetti when finishing the initial setup?
Might come in handy for some uses, but not for me anymore.

Cheers, Ed'

Nice builder

By kenkeeper on December 30, 2022

Nice builder for a free simple maintenance mode page.

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