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CMS Tree Page View

Adds a tree view of all pages & custom posts. Get a great overview + options to drag & drop to reorder & option to add multiple pages.
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Adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages and custom posts to WordPress – much like the view often found in a page-focused CMS.

Jon Christopher  
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Essential plugin

By Jorge (ganix33) on August 11, 2023

First plugin I install in new websites.

Well-maintained, extremely useful open source tool

By FolioVision on February 15, 2023

CMS Tree Page View is straightforward, very useful and well-maintained. Everything that open source should be. WordPress owes its success to developers like Jon Christopher and Pär Thernström who create powerful, truly open source solutions like CMS Tree Page View and Simple History and share them for free, without huge advertising banners or interruption marketing with unnecessary admin notifications.

We are proud to modestly sponsor Simple History and Pär. We sponsored Jon Christopher enough with his SearchWP plugin which practices discriminatory pricing against existing users (much higher renewal prices than purchase prices) which is the antithesis of the open source spirit.

Extremely Useful

By digitunity on December 2, 2022

The default Pages display in WP admin is not great. It's super hard to find pages that I or other staff have worked on recently because it won't let you sort by most recently modified and then save that as your default. And when you search, it looks not only at the page titles but also the content... so often you end up with too many results and you're still not able to find that page you need. Tree View is great because it shows me all the pages of my site organized on one page with easy to understand indentation showing parent/child relationships. It's very intuitive. And best of all, the search function works beautifully on the page titles by default, highlighting them and even expanding any that are hidden so you can quickly see them. Highly recommend this plugin if you've found the default pages difficult to use like me.

does what it needs to do

By premmarga on October 1, 2022

great plug in, for sorting the pages

Logical View

By Miguel (miguelh) on September 2, 2022

Stop poking around and go straight to what you need to find.

Solid Plugin: Incredibly Helpful

By angienixonzparadigm on August 12, 2022

Manage huge sites with ease! Thank you for creating this.

Can't work without it

By cassel on July 3, 2022

With a site that has almost 1000 pages, it is literally impossible to work without this plugin. Everything is so simple to find and access.


By Sparkey on June 16, 2022

This is a simple thing but I think it is a great idea for CMS type sites, I will be adding it to all of the sites I am responsible for! I have just installed this on a "ClassicPress" site. And of course it works because it is designed for WP 3.8 and above. Great!

Great plugin that saved me a ton of time!

By guesthollow on April 6, 2022

This plugin made organizing my new (and old) pages so much easier. My site has a lot of pages, so the dropdown parent page menu wasn't working correctly. This plugin solved my problems. It works great and saved me a ton of time. It also helped immensely in page creation (as far as time saving and easy access).

A Must-have!

By Techgal on February 2, 2022

I add this plug-in first thing for every site I manage. It is clean, easy to use and makes managing my sites so much easier. I think they ought to make this a permanent part of the basic WordPress package. Good Work Pär Thernström! Thank you!

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