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Stay away until this plugin is rebuilt from the ground up.

By harik567 on April 10, 2023

I want to start by saying that I love Cloudflare. Its one of the most innovative companies in the world and the services are top notch. Highly recommend, and I will continue to be a customer for a very long time.

But this plugin is not it. If you're reading this, you've been warned.
I like to think I'm a semi competent wordpress user, but this plugin made me feel like I mentally sat on a cactus.

It is a pain in the ass and will cause so many problems that will have you searching the desert for what could have possibly broken your website, only to find that this plugin sticks its fingers in so many unnecessary things and walks away spot free because the issues won't show in your debug logs.

If you want to use APO just activate from the web console and save yourself from the coma you're about to send yourself into.

On the plus side, I learned how to debug some complicated issues and nearly reverse engineer wordpress... so thanks for that.

Great tool!

By bertkrus on April 3, 2023

This plugin repaired the loops that kept me from loggin into wp.
Please maintain the plugin!

Verry verry bad

By ketil on March 7, 2023

This plugin is one of the worst plugins I've ever been in. Very complicated to understand, not for everyone. Have read the other negative comments here and I have to agree completely. This plugin does not work straight out of the box, far too many intricacies, incomprehensible, yes completely useless with many ifs and buts. Steer clear is my word and try something else.

Website Down when Deactivated

By EliteGent (gentlemako) on February 6, 2023

Our website went down when we deactivate this plugin, save yourself some time and energy, and don't even install it.

Elementor page editor fails after installing plugin; can't uninstall

By rshaules on January 11, 2023

Simply put, DON'T risk installing this plugin.

Even after uninstalling plugin and restoring site via backup, the Cloudflare APO plugin has left its mark. Lots of issues, but main issue is Elementor page editor no longer works. Zero support from Cloudflare. Elementor isn't able to assist.

No issues for me on WP 6

By landlineman on November 13, 2022

Downloaded the plugin, installed it, retrieved global api from Cloudflare (located in your CF Profile - top right of screen profile > api tokens), then a few configuration choices and bam - working! Works very well and had decreased server load and page load times. If you are experiencing issues check you do not have any plugins installed which are conflicting with the CF APO plugin....disable all and re-enable one at a time to diagnose.

APO implementation & cache purge hooks

By mxmcreation on October 10, 2022

Salut CF people, After deep diving into this plugin on complex WP website with custom post types and non-standard URL endpoints, I finally managed it to work correctly. There was some inconsistent issue with stale cache, but upgrade to latest WordPress version magically fixed it, so I guess the stale content bug is somewhere 'in transition' between this plugin and WP core as well as possibly other things such as wp rocket/autoptimize or object cache. After all it works just fine with that stack at the moment. Version 4.11.0 (Cloudflare Pro plan), WP 6.0.2

How can I logout for write New API?

By piresat on September 22, 2022

Hi, On the CloudFlare > Speed tab > Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress section; Written:
Note: The WordPress plugin was not detected on cosmeticium.com.
I installed official plugin, but Cloudflare can not detected it. Maybe I should write new API. But there is no any API interface on panel of plugin. I deleted the plugin and after I reinstall again, but it not ask API. Probably remember old API, so no ask again. How can I logout account on Wordpress plugin? Automatic Platform Optimization not working.

Cloudflare is awesome, the CF plugin is not

By Damien (damienmaurer) on September 22, 2022

The plugin normally works, but when it doesn't, good luck with getting support from Cloudflare. There are occasional issues with APO (not clearing the cache on post update, caching incorrectly, etc.) in new versions of the plugin. In fact, most new versions of the plugin have had pretty serious bugs (plugin-specific, nothing wrong with the Cloudflare CDN/WAF). Issues are never answered by anyone from Cloudflare. It's a shame because the Cloudflare tech is great, it generally works really well. But the Cloudflare WP Plugin is not up to the standards of the rest of the stack.

Great Plugin

By craiglathrop218 on August 18, 2022

You need to understand how Cloudflare works, but when configured right, it works great. A few things to note: 1. APO does not play nice with Siteground. 2. It's annoying, but the Cloudflare plugin does not seem to invalidate the cache for all page changes. We are in the habit of manually clearing the cache after updates. A recommendation to the Cloudflare team if you read this: 1. Put an indicator in the top admin bar that shows the last time the cache was cleared for a page, or for the whole site. It is hard to tell if the CF plugin cleared a page. 2. I beg you, please put a button to clear the cache in the top menu bar. I feel rage whenever I go digging into the settings to purge the cache. If the plugin cleared the cache more often after updates, this wouldn't be an issue, but it doesn't, especially with the Oxygen framework.

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